Tuesday, March 15

Bathroom Decision Overload

Bathroom planning has turned out to be much harder than I expected, and I already expected it to be pretty hard! We're in the stage where we start seeing some basic things come together, like the shower is taking shape, and there is drywall on the walls, but there are so many decisions yet to be made. I'll think I'll have it all down, and then one change in the plan will have a ripple effect through out the whole room. It's easy to pick out what you like. It's harder to make sure all of the things you like work well in a space together.

The hardest part is trying to plan around things that don't exist yet. We've been checking Craigslist and antique malls, looking for the perfect piece of furniture to turn into the vanity, and the problem is that you don't really know what someone is going to be selling at the right time (now) for the right price (cheap). Without a vanity, I can't choose sinks or a mirror, without a mirror I can't choose lights.. and on and on.  That's the trouble with scavenging for old things.. you never know what will find you.

About every other day I give up on the search and decide to have Bradley make a custom piece that will encompass all of my vanity hopes and dreams, but really that just adds so many more choices. What kind of wood do we use? Are there drawers? Handles? What do the feet look like? Vessel sink or under mount?
The last thing I need are more choices and decisions to make!

At this moment, I'm hoping the perfect rustic and worn old workbench magically falls into my lap somehow. If that could happen, then it's green light GO!

Until then, I might as well share some of the vanity inspiration I've been hoarding away.


  1. nice choices...
    i'd like to turn an old piece of furniture into a vanity too but i know it's so hard.our space is so long-we'd almost need 2.
    good luck with your search and decisions :)

  2. Love all of these inspiration pieces! New follower from the EBT... come see me! https://www.facebook.com/Orangiesattic


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