Thursday, March 24

Missouri Roadtrip

One beautiful day last week, I packed up my camera gear and my hubby and we hit the back roads. Through the dreary greyness of winter, I forget that my camera can do more than just take etsy shop photos, and as soon as the warm days hit.. I started to remember. Nothing had really started to bloom yet, but I found a field to play in, and that was enough to scratch my photo taking itch.

I love driving around rural Missouri, because you definitely never know what you'll see next. This huge hay bale pig and little caterpiller are the perfect examples. It was a great way to start out the spring photo season!


  1. wonderful photos! i love the midwest countryside too and always prefer taking the two-lane highways through Iowa instead of the interstate...

  2. jody, you are so gifted! for real, those photos are so gorgeous!!

  3. beautiful pictures! sounds like it was a lovely day.

  4. love your place here. very nice things indeed :)

  5. very nice photos!
    i have to take my camera outside soon :)


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