Friday, March 4

My Reclaimed Treasure

A while back, while starting the demoltion of our bathroom, my husband found these old beads under a pile of crumbling, 100 year old newspapers. I can only assume that it was once a necklace that belonged to one of my O'Sullivan girls. To read more about my obsession with the O'Sullivan family, check out this post. And here you can see what else we found!

My friend Jena is a jewelery maker and fellow Missourian, and she runs the Etsy shop Copper Hollow, and she cleaned my beads up and restrung them into two bracelets for me! I love how pretty and simple they turned out. Wearing my house's history on my arm is a very tangible connection to the past. One day I will find a photo of one of the O'Sullivan wearing these very beads! I wonder what they would have thought if you had told them in 1910 that 100 years from then there would be this girl living in their house, looking for photos, obsessed with finding out more about them. It would be a little creepy, but hopefully they'd appreciate that someone still cares enough to keep their history alive.


  1. so beautiful!! and i don't think its creepy at all to be so interested in the history of the people who used to live in your house all those years ago. my husband is a history teacher, so i am totally used to that!! :)

  2. It's really a unique piece you have there! Not only is it beautiful it has a really interesting story. I love it! I must say I'm pretty jealous ^_^

  3. It's great that you really appreciate the history in your home, and I'm happy that you get to wear a little bit of it on your wrist!


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