Wednesday, May 4

A Lesson on Cathrineholm

While digging through our local flea market one day, among the piles of junk I spotted a bright white flower pattern on a large dish. It was bold and so striking, and defintely stood out to me right away. There were two of these large, enameled platters and they were marked Cathrineholm on the bottom. I assumed that they were designed by a person named Cathrine Holm. I snatched up both platters for almost nothing and came home to do some research. I learned quickly that Cathrineholm was the name of the factory in Norway that started manufactured these items in 1954, and that they were designed by Grete Prytz Kittelsen. After more reading, I learned that she designed solid color pieces, and the factory added the, now iconic, "lotus" design without her approval. Personally, I think it was a pretty good move!

If you're a mid-century design fan, you'll probably love the Etsy shop Yumalum, from the UK. Coming from a person with limited kitchen space, I love the idea of filling up your home with dishes on the walls, instead of taking up precious counter space.

There are so many gorgeous Catherineholm pieces to admire. Visit the Flickr group to drool over a whole gallery. I'll leave you with a few of my favorites from the flickr pool!


  1. i love the prints-graphic and bright,crisp and clean!
    thanks for stopping by :)

  2. gorgeous pieces! I've seen similar things before. Glad to know their origin now! Thanks for the lesson.

  3. Those pieces are great. I love the pop of color and the graphic nature of them. Thanks for the back ground.

  4. Oh, those! Thanks for the info on who they were by, I didn't realise they were a 'thing'.


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