Wednesday, May 18

One Month Review

It's been over month now, since I've stopped "working" in the conventional sense, and lets just say it's been interesting. I really thought that I would start killing it from day one, working non-stop to prove that I could do it.. but instead, I woke up on the first day like a deer caught in headlights, not knowing what to do next. I thought that the drive to succeed would be enough to keep me in check with this new found freedom to spend every day doing whatever I want, but it was harder than I expected to motivate myself. I will admit that I spent way too many hours bird watching (my new hobby that, unfortunately, kills productivity) and playing Words with Friends those first few weeks. Someone obviously needs to revisit her notes to self!

I feel like I'm back on track now. I'm setting up a craft booth at the Grapevine Country Market this weekend, which has definitely got my ass moving. Maybe I should pretend there is a craft show every weekend to prepare for!

After my job ended, we had a shirt burning BBQ party, which I must include these photos from. YES it was necessary for me to crucify my old shirt and light it on fire. Seeing these pictures is one hell of a motivator to keep working hard. With that said, it's time to hit the parlor and get to work because I don't want any more uniforms in my future.


  1. I hope everything continues to work out for you. Best of luck at the craft show!

  2. I find it really hard to stay on track. So many fun things it get distracted with! My crafty "business" isn't even my full time job but maybe one day it will be. You'll get back on track. I hope you have a great time at the Market. I love doing crafty events!

    I wanted to badly to burn my Starbucks uniform after I quite working there. I really should have. I love the photos!

  3. Must be liberating =) As for staying on track, even as a hobby I find it hard. I think having deadlines like your craft booth is a great way to stay focused. Maybe setting a goal for each week will help. Hope you get many sales at the market!

  4. Great meeting you through the Etsy Midwest Mayhem Team!

    I am your newest blog follower. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!
    Mary C. Nasser


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