Monday, May 23

Peach Parlor on the Road

This weekend I set up a booth at a small, local craft and antique fair called the Grapevine Country Market, with the help of one of my favorite ladies. The weather magically cooperated so I got to spend two days out mingling with people, peddling my wares., and getting one hell of a sunburn. It was the first year this show was put on, and I can't say that a lot of people came, and I can't say that I made much money, but every great show has to start somewhere, right? Even though the traffic was slow, at least I got more practice at my booth set up, which is looking better than ever. Bradley made me an adorable new sign out of wood that is shaped like a cute little ribbon. Love how it turned out!

Overall it was a very relaxed country atmosphere, with a little bluegrass music, a 200 year old guy making amazing rings from old silver spoons, and a deep fried Oreo truck conveniently parked right behind us.



  1. oh it all looks so nice! love your sign too :)

  2. I love love love that sign! Very cute.

  3. Absolutely lovely! Just wish events like this started taking place here...


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