Thursday, June 16


My inlaws have recently aquired a little heard of alpacas, so I've gone a little crazy lately taking pictures of these strange, yet oddly adorable, creatures. More words aren't necessary, I'll just let the pictures do the talking!


  1. these guys are really cute!
    love the new banner :)

  2. they are so adorable! my real question is... how do you aquire alpaca's? hmm... interesting. they look like fun but hard work at the same time!

    P.S. - i also love your new banner!!!

  3. Aww... I love alpacas!

    I spin yarn out of wool, and alpaca fleece is some of the most wonderful stuff to come out of the animal kingdom.

    Do your inlaws sell their alpaca fleece anywhere online?

  4. thanks for noticing my new banner! i'm a little in love with it :)

    and maliase, they're still looking into selling the fleece, but none for sale yet. i'd love to see it for sale on etsy!

  5. really wonderful shots of these guys! love to get my hands on some of their lovely wool! that warm/ orange/ brown shade is so beautiful!


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