Thursday, June 30

Confessions of a Bird Lady

When I was a wee one, I would hang out with my grandpa and watch the birds at the feeder out the window. I can't say I had given birds much thought at all since then. Then about 2 months ago I got my first feeder, hoping my bloodthirsty cat would not make a meal of our new friends. I was amazed when the first birds actually came, then of course I wanted more birds, so I added another feeder, and another.. and before I knew it, I was totally hooked.

I'll admit at first, I didn't get much work done because I couldn't pull myself away from the window, thinking if I look away, a flock of new birds I've never seen will fly in. I'm happy to say that the birdcitement has reached a normal level now, and I'm limiting myself on how long I can hang out and watch, for my etsy shop's sake. Kitty, though, has no limits. She watches all day.

The feeders grew so quickly, and so did the amount of visitors we had. It inspired me to take on a landscaping project and I added plants around the feeders to create my very own little bird sanctuary. It's definitely my favorite spot right now.

This is kitty in the bird watching corner. She's a very good birding friend. When I'm busy, her little twirps let me know that something exciting is going on.

Jeebus, my little snake in the grass, is NOT your ideal birding companion. He'd rather decapitate them and leave them as gifts for us. Thanks, but no. Not allowed.

This cute apple feeder came from the etsy shop Village Rich. It was only $10, and I couldn't pass it up! So far, I've only attracted hungry ants with it, but one day the right bird will come along.

Check back soon for my bird photo post! There are just too many pictures to cram into this one. I had no idea I could be so entertained by some birds, a window, and a camera with one big ass lens.

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  1. birds are fun to watch. not that i do so regularly, but we had one make a nest inside a birdhouse on our deck recently. it was so interesting to watch the mama bird fly around gather the twigs and stuff for the nest then one day bring worms for the babies...


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