Thursday, June 23

Lets Connect

If you have an iPhone, and you're not using Instagram yet, stop reading this right now and go download the app! If you're already using it, I don't have to tell you how awesomely additive it is. For me, it's taken over the roll that Flickr used to play in my photo life. First, you get to make your iPhone pictures look amazing with a dozen or so filters (my current favorite is Brannan), and share them easily with your friends.

My Instagram name is Jodytron. Find me and say hello!

The other thing that I'm currently obsessed with is Pinterest. There is an app for the iPhone, but it's much easier to use on your computer. You know how you probably have folders and folders of house inspiration, and project ideas.. well this is a place where they can live and get passed around. You make your own pin boards, depending on what you're interested in, and as you find a photo online that you want to save, you pin it to your board. Other visual folks can re pin your pins and it's like a giant inspiration swap meet!

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  1. Oh how I desperately want an iPhone just so I can have Instagram. Alas I do not have one. :(

    Love Pinterest though. Totally addicted to it. Just stared following you! : )

  2. I shall add you on Pinterest.

    While the iphone Pinterest app sucks, there is a workaround so that you can at least pin things that find while browsing on your phone.


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