Monday, June 27

My Favorite Feeders

Etsy is an awesome place to go for handmade bird feeders and houses, but there has always been one shop that stood out from the rest: Joe Papendick creates feeders from welded steel, and have a industrial look that I would love to have in my bird sanctuary! Some of them are in bright poppy colors with a modern design, and others are like pieces of abstract metal artwork. For more designs, check out his shop and blog.

I did just happen to have a birthday. If you feel bad for missing it and not showering me with gifts, I'll forgive your tardiness and I will accept any of these below.

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  1. I love the bright powdered coated ones. I feel bad having bird feeders though, since my indoor/outdoor cat seems like he might be a hunter. I stopped filling my bird feeders when he started going out. :(


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