Wednesday, June 22

Postcards from the Past

The Mackley family holds the record for the family that lived in our house the longest (of course we're hoping to steal the record from them!) They were here from 1972 until 2000, and Sandy and Ed recently paid us a visit! I learned that they bought the house in disarray, and fell in love with it despite it's condition, much like we did, and immediately started working on it. It's funny that all of the things we are ripping out now for our remodeling projects are all the things they did in the 70's.  Sandy did spot that her green mini blinds are still hanging up in the bathroom, and I learned recently that we swing every day on the porch swing they put up almost 40 years ago.

They walked through it with us, answering questions about little construction mysteries, and telling us how things used to be. I was shocked to hear that once they moved to New York, and still owned the house, they considered tearing it down to build apartments, but thankfully someone swooped in right in time and wanted to buy it! I'm very happy they did.

From the first email we exchanged a few years ago, I learned that when they were remodeling, they found leather postcards in the walls from the O'Sullivan family, and since then we've been dying to see them. We would have been thrilled with a scan, but we received an envelope in the mail from the Mackley's containing two leather postcards, and an old bank stub. I love the cat and dog postcard! I'm beginning to think that this family really liked cats!

I'm so grateful that they would pass these treasures on to us. I can't wait to display them with the rest of our house history goodies!


  1. very neat! i love old postcards :)

  2. Those are super rad! Guess they didn't have to use zip codes back then?

  3. Wow, that is so neat! Wonderful story and so great hat you got to meet them and the postcards!


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