Tuesday, July 5

Get to Know a Crafter: Meet Amy

This is the first installment of my "Get to Know a Crafter" series where I interview some of my favorite crafty bloggers! Starting with Amy from Ponder and Stitch was an easy choice. Her blog was one of the very first ones I started reading, and I was hooked right away. She makes gorgeous cuffs from vintage fabrics, and recently added new fabric necklaces to her etsy shop arsenal. Amy is always super nice, and apparently knows some amazing places to thrift shop, because she always seems to find the most amazing things. I could keep going, but I should let her tell you the rest!

Name: Amy
Location: Woodstock, IL
Etsy shop: ponderandstitch.etsy.com
Blog: ponderandstitch.blogspot.com

Tell us a little about your blog and what you make:
My blog is a little peek into my life- lots of thrift store scores, pictures of all sorts of Etsy things the mailman brings me, and just general vintage-y goodness. You'll see some progress of new things I'm working on, too. I make pretty fabric accessories from vintage and vintage inspired prints.

What is your most used tool?
Hmmm. My seam ripper, for sure! I couldn't live without it. I just HATE crooked stitches and end up ripping stitches out of every single thing I make until they are just right.

What is your favorite part of the crafty process?
I'd say that feeling of satisfaction when you finish something and you love it. I'm also a big fan of the treasure hunt for that PERFECT piece of vintage fabric nobody else will have.

Name a skill you'd like to get better at:
Does staying organized in a small space count? Because I'm not super great at that. lol

Describe your ideal workspace: omg, it would be THIS room:
pinterest.com/pin/8842182/. Heaven.

What is a project you want to tackle, but haven't taken the plunge yet?
That would be learning how to thread my serger (I've never used it because I'm scared to thread it- I'm telling you, it's a beast). Then I'd be able to start sewing stretchy fabrics.

What's the most important thing to you in the room that you're in right now?
Hmmm. That is really, really hard! If I'm counting a living thing, it would be my handsome cat, Finn. If not, I'd say it would be this: ponderandstitch.blogspot.com/2011/01/look-what-i-just-got.html It's just a really special little bit of France sent right to my doorstep.

One odd fact about yourself:
Every single time I finish ice cream, I absolutely have to have a glass of milk. I have no idea why, but ice cream gives me the most tremendous milk craving. This has been the case my entire life. Riveting, I know. lol

You are happiest when:
I'm in a creative, artistic space with someone I love. Tea, a good book, and kitties help, too. :)

3 blogs we shouldn't be missing:
It was hard to narrow it down, but here are a few of my faves!


  1. What a lovely interview! Amy is one fabulous gal! xo... :)

  2. I ordered a cuff from Amy a couple months ago and love it! Everyone else does too, very pretty. It looks like she put a lot of time into it, I love great quality stuff like that. It's nice to know more about her!

  3. When you figure out how to stay organized in a small space, I hope you share!

  4. very nice interview! i love her cuffs :)

  5. Her cuffs look so perfectly stitched - now I know why - attention to detail and Mr. S. Ripper!

  6. I was impressed that her most used tool was her seam ripper.. it shows devotion to a quality product. I shouldn't be surprised, though, because it totally shows in her perfectly sewn cuffs!


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