Tuesday, July 12

Get to know a Crafter: Meet Julie!

Let me introduce you to Julie, the creative force behind Dawn Will Break. I don't know if it was all the buttons, her love of color, or her amazing shop photos.. but I was drawn to her shop right away. She's having a 40% off megasale right now that I couldn't pass up (I purchased a button necklace and these cute earrings!)  I was most surprised to learn that she's only 17, which is so impressive considering she's running 3 etsy shops, and seems like such a seasoned professional already! You'll definitely be seeing great things from this one in the future.

Name: Julie Rudziensky
Location: Michigan
Etsy Shop(s): DawnWillBreak, TheBotanicalBee, RobinsEggDesigns
Blog: www.dawnwillbreak63.blogspot.com , jrudziensky.tumblr.com

Tell us a little about your blog and what you make:My blog is a little bit about my life, a little bit about art, and a lot about all of my Etsy finds and adventures.

What is your most used tool?
All of my pliers, and Buttons of course!

What is your favorite part of the crafty process?I really love every part of the crafting process but my favorite part is buying new supplies and then spending time with my sketchbook coming up with new ideas.

Name a skill you'd like to get better at:I would love to take a metals class so that I can make my own designs, going through the entire process starting with the most basic part.

Describe your ideal workspace:
My ideal workplace would be a huge empty loft studio with huge windows, tons of drawers and jars for storage and an entire wall of art books.

What is a project you want to tackle, but haven't taken the plunge yet?
Right now I have really started to tackle m next big project which is starting my 3rd shop with vintage items. I only have 30 items listed currently but it is a work in progress. I love vintage things and this is something that helps me share my finds with you.

What's the most important thing to you in the room that you're in right now?
Well I am in my spotless living room right now, since our house is on the market so there isn't much extra in here. But I would say my laptop because it is where I spend a lot of my time running my 3 shops.

One odd fact about yourself:
I am actually only 17, which not a lot of people know. I started using Etsy as a way to help make some extra money for art school.

You are happiest when:
I am happiest when I am working with my hands, painting, drawing, taking photos, bike riding, and making jewelry.

3 blogs we shouldn't be missing:
These are all must reads:

Here are some of my favorites from Julie's shop:

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