Thursday, August 4

Bed and Bath Remodel: Floor Edition!

Some major progress has been made in the bedroom/bathroom remodeling project, especially in the flooring department! We knew we wanted to try to salvage the original wood floors, in part because of the ties to the history of the house, and also it's a great way to save a crap load of money if you refinish them yourself. You never know what's hiding underneath that hidious carpet and layers of subflooring. Put in enough sweat and it just may be the floor of your dreams!

Bedroom before we moved in

The floors in both rooms were taken up board by board and
Brad leveled out the joists, taking out all the squeaks.


We added insulation, and scraped off 100
years of dirt off the tongues and grooves.


Put the floor back down in both rooms
and sanded off the old brown stain.

Bedroom mid-sanding


I got to beat up the floor with chains and rub charcoal in
the marks to help some new boards blend in.
Thought about staining dark, but we loved
the way it looked after sanding, so it just
got polyurethane instead

Somewhere in the process of 4 coats of poly



My favorite part of the floors now is every knick and scratch. It all tells a part of our home's story, and I could get lost in it, wondering what caused this weird mark, or that patch of wear. It's a great sign of a well worn and loved house.

Check back soon for an update on how the bathroom is coming along. White subway tile galore!


  1. That floor is truly gorgeous. Beautiful choice! (And I can't wait to see the subway tile. I have it in my kitchen, and I love it.)

  2. Did my floors a couple years ago, love that noisy sanding machine beast.

  3. Jody, this floor has won my heart. I love it!!

  4. This looks like so much work! So beautiful. I would love floors like this :)

  5. Wow! What a ton of work, but that is awesome you guys did it yourself and saved so much money!! They look amazing!

  6. They look stunning. I love Before/After posts.


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