Wednesday, August 10

The Greatest Show on Earth

Brad came in from the porch a few nights ago, after seeing the lightening show we were getting, and came inside to get me. I went to the porch swing to watch the storm with him, and after about 30 seconds of seeing how the sky was lighting up, I demanded that we road trip to find a good spot to take pictures. I grab the camera bag and we headed out until we found a great place with a wide open view, off the road a little. We parked, layed outside the car, and took turns clicking the shutter, hoping for a bright burst every time. Something about the challenge of getting the perfect lightening storm photo is so addictive to me. I could have stayed there until the last of the storm blew through. There is always a lot of "okay, three more tries..".

In the moment, it seemed silly to be inside watching TV or spending money to see a movie, when was such a stunning show was happening right over our heads, for free. So, Thanks for the entertainment, Earth. I never get tired of it.

267 clicks later, this is what we came home with.


  1. great photos!
    your floors in the previous post look great too! looks like a lot of hard work!

  2. amazing!! you're right - much better than tv or a movie! and i smile when i think of you and your husband driving in your car looking for a place to get a better view of the lightning storm. so cute! y'all are perfect for eachother!

  3. Lora, gotta say I agree with you on that one! We're a pretty good match :)

  4. I love this. Mother nature beats any TV show, any day. Beautiful pictures, lightning is so hard to photograph.

  5. Beautiful! I'm going to have to pin one of these!


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