Monday, August 22

Mug Monday!

Today's mugs are not from my personal collection (yet!) but I had to share these brilliant designs! Both are handcrafted ceramic works of art by etsy sellers, and both meet my needs deliciously.
I am very guilty of leaving tea bags laying around, and I'll admit that there is one in front of me on the desk right now, but this ingenious mug solves that problem. The second mug HOLDS COOKIES! What more do I have to say?!

Tea Drinker's Sidekick by Angela Ingram

Red Dunk mug by A Piece by Denise


  1. Lol, I saw that first mug last week and wanted it immediately.. I totally don't need any more mugs. I want it,though!

  2. yeah, i don't have any more space for mugs, but a girl can dream, right?

  3. Oh my goodness! These are perfect. Especially the one for cookies :)


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