Wednesday, December 30

year in review

in 2009 we: played in the snow, reminisced, made wreaths, soaked up sunshine, watched things grow, b made benches, watched squirrels, b made amazing chairs, took pictures, flew kits, hugged, started siding, watched storms, created, crafted, had quality doggy time, met some kittens, gained a desk, gained a lucy, rode bikes, had lots of porch time, made over the computer room, explored, ethan turned 2, sold crafts, rode more bikes, enjoyed fall, drank lots of coffee, made more stuff, gained a craft room, accomplished a giant brick wall, and survived christmas.

Monday, December 14

mug monday!

meet my husband bradley! he is twisting the stash of my mug of the week. i have no idea where this mug came from, but apparently it belonged to someone left handed.


i'd like to give props to my friend jennifer and her etsy shop, craftstatic. we met when we were 9 years old, which i'm realizing has been 20 years, and now we live about two blocks away from each other. i'm very proud of her for getting her shop up and running and i love that we both have been having so much fun creating things. she is very inspired by the holidays, and has some great christmas items up right now.

like this awesome ornament that she put like a thousand hours into:

and this adorable elf wreath:

these cupcakes ornaments sold quickly, but you should send her a message and tell her to make some more delicous felt crafts!

so, take a minute to check out her shop and say hello!

Thursday, December 10

new brooches

i highly underestimated how well things would be selling around the holidays. i figured things would pick up, but i definitely needed like a thousand more items in my shop. next year i will start preparing in like the middle of june.

i did get a few more brooches finished and listed today, but there probably won't be many more things listed before christmas. take a look!

Tuesday, December 8


finally scored a treasury today! i've had these holiday goodies picked out for at least a month.

Monday, December 7

button mother load

last night while visiting with my ma, she pulls out this giant cookie tin that weighed like a thousand pounds and told me to open it. inside was the holy grail of vintage buttons. apparently they are my grandma's and great grandma's buttons that my mom didn't even know she had. they were tucked away in a cabinet that came from my grandma's.

we dug through the tin for a while and i picked out a little pile that i couldn't leave without. i didn't want to take too many, but i have a feeling i'll be back for another stash. i can't tell you how excited i am to use these! they are so beautiful and such great motivation to get to work on some new things!

mug monday!

today's mug was a gift from bradley last christmas, and it should have been my first mug monday because it's the most awesome mug on planet earth. it's similar to the holkham owl mug made in england, but this one has a face and was made in portugal. it's been on the mug shelf looking pretty, but i've never actually used it until today. it's definitely going to live in the cabinet from now on so we can use it!

Saturday, December 5

necktie love

old neckties are one of my favorite materials to craft with. first of all, you get the most amazing prints and colors, and people are pretty much throwing them away.. so they're usually cheap and accessible. i've used them for wrist cuffs, brooches, wreaths, and headbands and i dug around etsy to find some other unique ways people have given new life to old ties.

vintage necktie brooch set from ccstar
retie - neck cuff no.2 from shagpile
yes, virginia laptop sleeve from tart design
necktie stocking from vintage hotcakes
necktie ballgown from glamarita
necktie wallet from prix-prix

Friday, December 4

The O'Sullivan Sisters

My husband and I bought our house 4 years ago, and we occasionally get sucked into researching it's history. It's been a dream to find old photos of our home, and we get really excited when we start renovating a room hoping we'll find a new clue to the past.

During a trip to the library while looking through books on our town's history, I flipped through and saw the most amazing picture.. four ladies in 1900's dresses smiling and playing with a little black kitten. I loved it immediately. The caption named them the O'Sullivan sisters, with no other information. It was after I was already attached to the photo that we realized that a family by that name had lived here from around 1909 to 1917 and it took some time to trace the family and find out that they did indeed have daughters. Amanda, Pearl, Lilian, and Lizzy. We also contacted a family that had lived here in the 70's and they told us they had found old leather postcards in the walls during a renovation from one Amanda O'Sullivan!

Wether the photo was taken here is still up for debate, but It's clear that this family is a part of the history of our home, and we finally filled in a little gap in the timeline. We're still on the hunt and I can't wait to discover more!

Tuesday, December 1

november 31st

my little centerpeice tree made it into the holiday home decor gift guide, and my snowflake wreath is featured in etsy finds: the decemberists.

and i'm going to pretend that there are 31 days in november because today i sold the 2 items i needed to reach my goal of 30 in one month! definitely the best etsy month for me ever.

wishing many sales to everyone!