Sunday, January 31

shop props!

usually i can resist spending money on things i fall in love with on etsy, but this headband from talk2thetrees was definitely an exception! it's like the love child of a thick winter hat and an adorable headband. it's so comfy and i wear it all the time! so check out her shop and make your head purdy :)

be still my heart

we started watching a new show on the history channel called american pickers, and got hooked immediately. basically, these dudes hunt around looking for people who have junk hoarded everywhere.. and they try to buy anything they think they can resell. they have found some awesome things, like old carnival rides, and just rusty junk with histories that make bradley and i drool.

they get a call from a couple who were looking to sell an old vespa ape, which meant nothing to me.. until i saw it. then my eyes lit up with little hearts and i kind of fell in love.

Thursday, January 28

selling prints

i'm playing with the idea of selling prints of some of my photography in my shop, but i'm still researching. for any other photo sellers out there, do you have any tips? what sizes sell best? do you offer matting? i have so many questions to figure out!

being productive feels great!

i got seven new items listed in my shop today! here are highlights:

Tuesday, January 26

brad's parts bin

i have to share my husband's lately project! the plan was to create a replica of this antique, rotating nuts and bolts storage bin to use out in his shop. the reality is that he just can't bear to put his dirty shop parts into such a beautiful peice that he spent so much time on. i definitely don't think he's ready to part with it, but he did list it on etsy and craigslist so we'll see what happens. take a look at the listing if you'd like the details, or just drool over these photos:

Monday, January 25

mug monday

another one from the archives. now, i have some strange mugs, but this one is maybe the most odd. i'm happy they labeled it on the bottom, because i don't think i would have figured this one out. i would have bought it anyway, but it would have been a mystery. behold the stomach mug:

Friday, January 22

snip snip

i'm taking a yarn break to spend some quality time with my felt.

visit my shop  to see what these turned into! hopefully more to come soon!

Tuesday, January 19

welcome home

i've been wanting to blog about our home for a while, but it's hard to know where to start! my husband and i got super lucky and found our dream house for a great price because it was stuck in the middle of a half assed remodel. as soon as we started house shopping, it was the first and only house we had to look at. we've been here for 4 years now, and honestly, if i have my way, i won't ever live anywhere else.

it sets near the heart of our little town, and we think it was built around 1898. there is a lot of history here, but i'll save that for another post! we've been slowly rennovating and making the house look like us, and i'm so happy with the progress we've made so far. i say "we" but mosty i mean bradley, because without him everything would still just be a dream. i help with the design and colors, but the work is all him. i should help with the laboring more, but he's just such a machine! i just try to stay out of the way while he goes to work.

the biggest project he has tackled so far is a giant brick wall in our entry way, which leads to an amazing ceiling.  the first time we saw the house, he knew that we needed to open up the stairwell and brick the wall. it took almost 4 years to actually make it happen, most of that time was spent hunting for a cheap way to brick (thanks craigslist!)

here is an entry way before and after, but there are a LOT more pictures of the process after the jump!

Monday, January 18

new wreath listed!

i finished a new wreath last night, and i'm really proud of the results. i don't have many wreaths up for sale anymore, and the ones that are left don't really make me happy, so i need to get to work. i tried to make exactly the wreath i would love, without worrying wether other people would love it or not. i try really hard to just stick to my instincts, because usually it works out in the end.

i really need like a week off work so i can create new things. i'm feeling very motivated, i just have to make the time.

click here to see the listing!

mug monday!

a favorite from the archives!

Saturday, January 16

gourd brooches

i came across these gorgeous brooches while browsing around the other day, and i fell in love! they are made from gourds.. how awesome is that? the shop has many other creative gourd peices, but the brooches are what stopped me in my tracks.

check out the shop: cchanart

new brooches!

i haven't got much accomplished lately, but i did finish and list some new brooches. see the listings in my shop!

Monday, January 11

kitty wreath

i made this new wreath before new years, but i love it so much i don't think i can sell it! i kind of think it needs to hang on my door forever.
i really need to be DOING instead of blogging, but it's just too cold and wintery to get motivated.

mug monday!

i started mug monday on flickr in 2007, so most of my most favorite mugs were posted there. i'm running out of mugs that i love to take new pictures of, so i'm posting some oldies.

Saturday, January 9


listed some new headband in my shop today! i have so much more work to do to build my shop back up, but at least this is a start.

see more:

Wednesday, January 6


i'm not a fan of snow, but we bundled up and headed outside hoping to get a few pictures, but it didn't go well. night time is hard, wet snow in your face makes it even harder. we failed, but here are some flickr people who didn't:


Monday, January 4

mug monday!

orange you glad that mug monday is back?! thanks ma!

Sunday, January 3

loved this polaroid from the fancypants party of emily spinning around in her dress!

it's a new year

we hosted a fancypants new years eve party this year, which is funny if you know us because we are pretty unfancy people. i'm a wear your house shoes as shoes kind of girl, but we got fancied up and had a lovely time with a small group of friends.

i am so relieved to be finished with the holidays. my goal is to always keep my life unstressed, and the holidays make my mission a little harder. i took a temporary break from crafting and blogging, but i'm so ready to get back to work. i think i needed a little vacation to get me going again. i am stocked full of new supplies and can't wait to get some time to work on some new stuff!

here's looking forward to 2010.