Sunday, February 28


my giveaway ends tonight at midnight, so enter while you can! i'll draw a name and announce the winner tomorrow!


Thursday, February 25

giveaway going strong!

a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has entered my giveaway (see the post below for details) or helped promote it so far! if you haven't entered yet, you have until midnight on sunday. i might have to offer up a second place prize because of the number of entries i have so far. that's just too many non-winners! i kind of want everybody to win.

Tuesday, February 23

enter my giveaway!


I will draw a name and the winner will get a $20 gift certificate to spend in my etsy shop, The Little Prints. You choose your own prize! Be sure to let me know how to contact you, incase you're the winner! Let me know if you have any questions at all. The deadline for entering is midnight on Sunday, Feb 28. I'll announce the winner here on March 1st.

TO ENTER: Reply to this post with what you're itching to do once springtime arrives!

- You get entered once for your reply
- If you follow the blog, or become a follower you'll be entered again
- If you heart my shop you get your name in one more time.
- If you blog about my giveaway I'll enter your name 3 times.

Monday, February 22

mug monday!

This was an early mug in my collection. It could even be the reason I started buying ridiculous mugs in the first place. I was drawn in by the mystery.. who are these ladies? Who had this mug made and why? What is she holding? So many unanswered questions!

color therapy

i landed a treasury on etsy tonight! i had a bright and sunny collection ready and waiting to go. it will be a lot easier to get treasuries now that i learned that you don't have to refresh the page for the box to pop up! this would have been helpful to know before now. anyway, have a look and do some clicking!

Wednesday, February 17

a field guide to american houses

i  was searching around online one night trying to properly identify the style of our house, and someone recommended this book by virginia & lee mcalester, so i ebay'd it immediately. it arrived yesterday and i've been stuck in it ever since. i can't wait until it gets warmer and we can ride bikes around the neighborhood identifing house styles. that sounds like the perfect day to me and i'm getting a little impatient waiting for the sunshine. i've done pretty good this winter, but now i'm so over it.

new headbands

fresh batch of headbands, straight out of the oven! snatch them up while they're hot! there are a few more in my shop.

treasury, smeasury

i'm tired of not being able to make my own treasuries on etsy. i can't ever seem to refresh the screen at the magical perfect moment, so i will just post them here instead. i have so many amazing finds to share!

i think it must have been snowing on the day that i chose these. click for a larger view.

one  | two | three
four | five | six
seven | eight | nine
ten | eleven | twelve

Monday, February 15

mug monday!

So, I guess this little dude is a lemon? I mostly like it because of it's ridiculous arm/handle. I love mugs that have handles that are a part of the mugs design, not just your typical handle. Plus, this guy is giving us a thumbs up!

Q & A

i'm working on photos and a little q and a for a house tour on the rearranged design blog. i'm am pretty excited about sharing more of our space. here's a little preview of the room i'm in all stitched together:

check out the past home tours, lots of amazing places to see!

Monday, February 8

fresh headbands

i just listed some new items in my shop! four necktie headbands, and one new yarn wrapped headband.
have a look!

mug monday!

i have many ridiculous nudie mugs, some with tacky tan lines, some with holes in the nipples to drink out of.. but this one is very different. it's beautiful and natural and it makes me happy when i see it.

Wednesday, February 3

selling prints, finally!

when i started my etsy shop in the middle of 2008, the plan was to sell photos, as my name "the little prints" might imply. a search or two around etsy quickly helped talk me out of it. it's very easy to see so much amazing work and convince yourself that you're not good enough.  it took me a while to come around, but i finally made it. i realize that there is room for all of us, each with our unique view of the world.

so, here's to my new etsy adventure!

you can see my photos i have for sale here.  also, check out these photography shops below. here are some of my favorites! (can you tell i like square photos?)

by tim irving art photography

by julie kruger art

by i brake for bokeh photography

by alice b. gardens

by lola's room photography

by jane heller photography

Tuesday, February 2

freshly listed

i finished four new yarn headbands today, pretty happy with the results! check out my shop for the listings, if you wanna. that'd be cool. okay, back to work!

Monday, February 1

mug monday!

today's mug is perfectly fitting, because lately instead of actually making things, i've just been on the computer planning and thinking about making things. you don't really get a lot done that way. i wish my computer had an hour time limit, and then it would just turn itself off.