Wednesday, March 31

welcoming april..

with a spanking new etsy treasury! check it out and do some clicking.

Monday, March 29

a special mug monday!

This mug is for my mama because today is her birthday! She looks more like she's turning 30 than 50, hopefully she passed those look-young-forever genes down to me. Happy Birthday, Marmy!

Friday, March 26


i get so excited when things start to bloom and i love documenting the growth of our little green plant children. one of my favorite parts of the day is when bradley and i (and ususally our animal herd) take a walk around the yard looking at how much everything has grown. we are the youngest old people i know.

bradford pear, weeping willow, maple tree, valley rose, forsythia, and chocolate vine!

Thursday, March 25

fresh faves

i had good timing tonight and just made a pretty green and aqua treasury from some of my recents etsy favorites. it's so hard to pick only 12. now it's time to get another one ready for the next opening i manage to catch.. i think i'll go a little danish.

view the treasury!

Wednesday, March 24

Tuesday, March 23

back in action

the project house that consumed our lives for two months is finally finished, so i can get back to work. my brain is exploding with things i want to work on, since i haven't had any time to get anything out. today was my first day back to crafting, and my only goal was to finish this headband that i've been so excited about making! i'm not much of a pre-planner, but i sketched this idea out one night and have been dying to finish it. i've gotten a little bored with yarn headbands and brooches, and this totally refueled my motivation tank.

see the listing here!

Tuesday, March 16

attics on the brain

bradley has been trying to convince me for a while that the attic would make a great workspace for me, and i've been stubbornly ignoring the idea until i heard one word: skylight. we were in the attic looking for something last week and he was still trying to sell me on it, and it actually kind of started working. i saw the potential he was seeing in the dark and creepy place i've only been in like twice.

i found some amazing attic inspiration online last night. i'll store these thoughts and photos away in my brain attic and get back to them when we get into house design mode again.

Monday, March 15

mug monday!

Free time has been kind of a luxury lately, so you get a mug from the archives today.
This little favorite was an ebay find that i've had for a long time. It's the perfect size for milk and oreos!

I finally got a few new headbands listed that I've had finished for a while. Hope they find wonderful new homes. see the listings!

Tuesday, March 9

time to upgrade

i've hung onto my current bag for a while now, but i'm thinking it's time to start crusing etsy for a new one. so far the only shop that has stood out to my senses and my wallet simultaneously has been Tippy Thai.  ususally i'm drawn to bright colors and awesome patterns, but these are different and i can't seem to pick out a favorite. i like the simplicity,  the handmade materials she uses, and the price! i would definitely make myself brooches to pin on it, so i could change it up a little if i got bored or needed some more color.

what about you? drooling over anything new lately?

Monday, March 8

a lovely day

today i got to do so many of my favorite things before having to get ready for work. usually i mope around online until i have to go, but springtime turns me into a completely different person. it's so beautiful outside today and i am beaming! bradley got to take a break and come eat lunch on the porch with me (porch swing time = instant happiness) and we played with jeebus. i rode my bike to the post office to mail my packages, and i hit some tennis balls for my lovely backyard ladies. i even got out the camera! here's hoping this wonderful weather is reaching all of you.

mug monday!

I missed last week, so today I'll give you a pair! I picked up these beauties at my favorite booth in the factory (it's an old factory in the middle of town turned into antique booths, resale space, and places for people to sell things they've made.)  I love them so much, especially how cracked and worn they are. You can tell that they've had a lot of use through out their life, and I plan to contine that tradition.

Friday, March 5

life, please hold.

my blog has been a little quiet because life has been kind of busy lately. bradley is remodeling a house right now, and i'm trying to help him work on it when i'm not at my actual job. it's kind of taken over our lives at the moment, but i'm hoping another two or three weeks and we'll be back to normal and i can focus on making stuff again. it's definitely starting to look like a house, and it's coming along nicely. i'm so grateful for all the hard work he has been doing for us. it sucks right now, but it'll be worth it in the end.

i did get a lovely surprise a few days ago when i saw brad's spinning storage cabinet on the etsy blog! etsy finds: in like a lion. it went perfectly with the spring cleaning and organization theme and  we've recieved lots of awesome feedback.

Monday, March 1


i put all of your names into my magical green hatbox and pulled out nikki's name! she also happens to be the very first person who entered, which i thought was pretty awesome. she gets to spend $20 in my etsy shop on whatever she wants! so, congrats to nikki and thank you so much to everyone else who entered!


a few days ago i followed this link: and was floored by the amazing illustrations i saw. i think i even squealed out loud to myself. it's like lol'ing but not quite. i am totally coining SOL right now.

a few highlights for me were shoutchristian montenegro, and nico. i'm picking two favorites from each, to keep myself from posting a hundred of them! definitely expect more posts in the future where i swoon over illustration.