Wednesday, April 28

demolition man

bradley can't stand to be without a project too long, so while i was at work last night he started gutting our master bathroom, even though we're still planning out what we'll do with the space. if you can't tell from the photos, i never put any love into the bathroom after we moved in. i never even took down the curtains of the people before us. with the mint green carpeting, not one but TWO seashell sinks, and a drop ceiling.. i didn't figure we could do much to improve it outside of tearing the whole thing down.. and that's where we are right now.

the exsisting bathroom had a strange closet area, which led to another strange closet area, which was pretty much wasted space, so brad tore the wall out and we gained a lot of room.  i'm so excited to take on a bathroom.. but i have a lot of decisions to think about!

Thursday, April 22

before & after

our old cart turned coffee table project was featured on design sponge! i am officially a blogging nerd for being SO excited about this!

check out the post here:

Monday, April 19


i've been in the mood for wreaths lately. i haven't made any in a while, i think because i burnt myself out by making so many early on, and i needed a wreath break. now i'm back in action and excited to be working on some new ideas.

this one is exploding with springy colors and is home to the cutest little squirrel. see the listing here!

mug monday

I found this plastic cb mug yardsaling last weekend! There are so many awesome things going on with this one that it gets three pictures so you can appreicate it in it's full glory.

take a tour!

today is our house tour on rearranged design! stop in and take a look, and then bookmark the blog for later when you need some home inspiration, because there are so many amazing spaces to drool over!

Saturday, April 17

bike trail fail

we decided to pack up the bikes and head to a bike trail so we could ride with some new scenery. we picked the 3 mile trail and it was so easy and downhill and fun that we all decided that we could probably keep going and ride the 11 mile trail. um, wrong! technically we did it, but oh my god it was the hardest thing i've put my body through probably ever! so much was uphill and i thought we were going to die. i'm proud that we accomplished it, and brad's ready to go again already.. but i think jennifer and i are sticking to 3 miles from now on.

Thursday, April 15

coffee table project

brad came home from the junk yard with a rusty, beat up old factory cart that he scored for $25. i'm not sure what his intentions for it were, but i immediately claimed it as a coffee table. bradley went to work on it and, as always, i'm amazed with the results! it fits with our space so perfectly. he used reclaimed 2x4's as the table top, and the color and grain of the wood is so beautiful.. ooh and the awesome wooden wheels.. i'm in love!



Tuesday, April 13

necktie love

finished some new necktie brooches, and one cute doilie brooch. take a look!

Monday, April 12

what day is it?

It's MUG MONDAY! I found these two at a yardsale over the weekend and new instantly that they needed to be a part of the collection.

Friday, April 9

bag lust!

i'm throwing a fit right now over how much i just fell in love with these bags! check out the whole etsy shop here: karen meyers.

instant fun

my polaroid film stash is officially dead. i was hoping that it would somehow just last forever, but it looks like the expired packs i was holding on to are pretty much worthless. this kind of breaks my heart, especially since it's springtime now and that's usually when jj and i pick our our roids and start shooting.

here's to all the fun we had.

Wednesday, April 7

shop update!

i got my friend emily to model headbands for me, and it was so much better than trying to do it myself! i definitely am going to use friends from now on! see the listings here!

bathroom planning!

for the past few months i've had bathroom thoughts in the back of my mind, trying to figure out a layout that makes sense when we go to remodel, trying to picture the space in a whole new way. brad and i have been passing ideas back and forth, but i still don't have a very clear vision of what i want to do. i like to have plenty of time to let all the ideas simmer for a while.. ideas change so much so quickly sometimes, and i want to do it right and do it once.

i do know that i'm drawn to white for the first time in my whole life! i'm a total color person, so white is new to me, but it works so well in bathroom. here are some inspiration pictures that i've been saving up lately..
somehow i need to mix all of these together into one awesome space.

Monday, April 5

mug monday

This mug kind of says it all. Happy Monday everyone!