Monday, May 31

i made a TREESURY

i can't help it, i love cheesy puns.
check out my new treasury and do some clicking!

Sunday, May 30

I became entranced in this shop for a long time last night and had to share it. They are abstract landscape photos by Frances Seward, and I was instantly drawn in by the colors and I discovered with each click they became more and more mysterious. Personally, the bright teal colors appealed to me the most (if you can't tell by the examples I chose) but there is so much variety in color and mood. It really made me want to actually use my camera again. These days it feels like it only get used for Etsy product photos, and these beauties reminded me that it can do so much more.

cat + porch = love

minus one maple

one of our old maple trees had to come down this weekend, and it feels so strange without it. the house feels so open and vulnerable. it sucks that it had to come down, and it will take us a little while to get used to it, but now it's time to pick a new tree to replace it. we're leaning towards a poplar, but haven't decided for sure yet.

this is bradley and jeebus moping on the porch. one bright side is that brad is going to try to have some lumber made from the trunk, so hopefully we can work it into a project so that it can still be a part of the house in some way.

Wednesday, May 26

white hot

we are still working out the plans for our master bathroom redo, but it's still as overwhelming as ever. i think we may have a general plan for a unique corner shower, so i'm hoping that it will be a good starting place and everything else will fall into place around it. the only thing i know for sure is that i want:

- a big ass tub i can soak in for like a week at a time
- wood. just wood somewhere, anywhere. the floor, the ceiling, on the walls..
- creamy white subway tile
- a shower that we can both fit in comfortably

i save lots of pictures for inspiration, and here are a few that always kick my brain back into bathroom planning mode:

Monday, May 24

broken fingers art

Browsing for jewelery on Etsy can be kind of overwhelming.. there is so much to look at and after a while it just starts to all feel the same, then occasionally you find a shop that totally stands out. This happened the first time I visited the shop of Erin Inglis - Broken Fingers Art. I feel like it was custom designed especially for me, and I'm not ususally a big jewelery person. I don't wear many accessories, but I want to own pretty much everything in this shop. Here are some faves:

have you found a shop lately that has YOU written all over it?

mug monday!

Today's mug monday is not really about the mug.. but about being at my favorite spot in the world with my favorite person. Porch swing coffee just tastes so much better.

Tuesday, May 18


one of my headbands was included in the etsy finds blog feature ealier today, which started an explosion of views and sales which i am so excited about and grateful for! i used the fresh exposure to motivate me to make and list as quickly as i could today, so i have a few new things in the shop.

shout out to my fellow bloggers who were also "found" today:
miss indie and  pidge pidge!

Monday, May 17

mug monday!

Here is another installment of mugs that aren't in my personal collection, but should be! This time HANDMADE! The squid mug by skybird arts has been on my permanent wishlist since I laid eyes on it for the first time. I almost can't deal with how awesome it is.

squid | wood grain | white & jade | slut

Sunday, May 16

secondhand finds

i listed a few vintage items in my shop today. the set of cannisters and the peanut dish were found my ma, who is always on the lookout for goodies for me!

my vintage stuff has been selling pretty well, but i worry about them buring my handmade items. i've considered making a second shop, but i'm not convinced that the effort to run two at once would be worth it. it seems like one would suffer. anyone else asking this same question?

check out the listings!

Thursday, May 13

outright awesome!

i have been meaning to find a good way to track my etsy sales and expenses for a while, and while reading through the etsy forums, i discovered and i only wish i had found it sooner! it is exactly what i needed to help keep track of everything. it's so freaking easy, and for some unbelieveable reason, totally free to use. i uploaded my paypal history, and outright separated my transactions into "expenses" and "income" for me. it also shows your profit for the year up in the corner, so it's a huge motivator to try to make that number grow! i really wish i had been doing this all along, it would have helped me so much.. so if you've been meaning to start keeping records, this is me pushing you to start!

anyone else already using outright? if not, how do you  choose to keep track of your etsy finances?

Wednesday, May 12

quality time

today was a lazy tuesday. i never got motivated beyond making it to the post office, so once bradley got home we grabbed our tree identification books, camera, and bikes and went for a ride to collect some leaves. a few nights ago i used my pile of awesome old kids books to make kind of a tree journal that we can sketch in and use as a tool when we go on our tree identifing adventures together.

we're also about to loose a very old tree in our yard and i'm definitely sad about it. it's been growing here and been a part of our home for a hundred years or so and neither bradley or i take losing it very lightly. we need to pick a replacment tree, but i want to make an informed decision. i do love our tree time together so much. it's so fun to be on a little mission to learn something with each other. plus we get to ride bikes and enjoy the neighborhood. quality time, indeed.

Tuesday, May 11

so suggestive

i am loving this new etsy feature called suggested shops! you'll find a new tab when you go to look at your favorite items and favorite shops, and it suggests new shops to you based on your current faves. as you favorite new items and shops, it will refresh with new suggestions for you. i've already seen so many amazing shops that i'm surprised i hadn't been to befofore. here are a few that stood out:

how inspiring is it to see so many adorable and practical uses from one single recycled source! the patterns in this shop are what my dreams are made of. 

everything in this shop looks so comfy and wearable. i would wear it all!

8 pages of handpicked vintage goodies that i now i'm convinced i need right this second.

mug monday (kind of)

So, technically it's Tuesday, but I'm still awake so I think this counts! Instead of a mug from my collection, I'm going to share my vintage mug etsy wishlist! Search and show me a mug that you'd have in your collection!

squirrel mug | letter F mug | raccoon mug | hornsea dolphin mug

Tuesday, May 4

old school

it took forever for me to get tired enough to fall asleep last night, so i lost myself in the historical website for our town (farmington, missouri) and i fell in love with a few photos from 1937-38. local history makes my heart happy.

the last one was taken at the lookout area at knob lick tower, which we go to sometimes, but i'm too scared to climb too far.

Monday, May 3

textile collage

finally got around to making a collage out of my fabric and trims.. hopefully the first of many! check out the listing.

mug monday!

I missed last week, so today you get a set! I was at a yardsale this weekend when I found this hilarious pair. At first, I wanted to judge the people having the yardsale for owning these mugs.. it raised a lot of questions that I didn't really want the answers too, but I quickly realized that *I* was the person standing in line to give them money.. at least they were trying to get rid of them!

Saturday, May 1

table makeover

i'm so excited to share my little table makeover! i didn't even take a before photo, because i didn't know the transformation was going to be so awesome. i got the rusty little thing at a yardsale for $3 and bradley even laughed at my purchase! it was not in great shape, with an ugly plywood top. i cleaned it up and sprayed it a metal grey color, and ditched the top. b cut glass from an old window to fit the top, and i lined it with a piece of amazing vintage wallpaper (also a yardsale score!) i love how it turned out and couldn't be happier with my three dollar investment.

a fresh batch

a few new headbands up in my shop!

cuff love

i made a new cuff that i really like! i used yarn to tie it closed so that it's adjustable to fit lots of different wrists. i'm excited to work on some more in the same style. let me know what you think!

see the listing.