Saturday, July 31

let's reflect

I've been harrassing Bradley (my adorable woodworking hubby) for a while to work on a new project to sell on Etsy. His slat benches were a pretty big hit, along with the Hans Wegner replica folding chair, but I suggested something a little smaller this time.. so we bring you an awesome retro style wall mirror!

It will probably be the only one for a while, but hopefully he'll make some more once he is not quite so busy. So, if you're interested in this one, watch the shop on Monday and be ready to pounce!

Tuesday, July 27

meet jolene

I worked on some braided fabric necklaces, and I'm very excited to make some more. They were really fun to make and I'm happy with the results. I haven't got much feedback on them so far, so what do you think? I'm new to the world of necklaces, so any tips or suggestions are much appreciated! Click to see the listings.

new etsy bio: my crafty story

I think if you had asked me, at any age, what the perfect job would be.. I would have said "to get to stay home and make stuff" but I really always thought this was the ideal life dream for everyone, so I wrote it off. I figured out eventually that this is not what everyone wanted to do. It was my dream.

The mission I'm on to support myself creatively has been brewing a long time and I never really put it all together until now. The first money I can remember making as a youngster was from entering crafts and artwork into the county fair. They gave out some money for the ribbons you earned, and little me cashed in. That was my first taste.

Then the internet happened. ebay appeared and I spent time sewing patchwork hippie pants and reconstructed shirts and loving the feeling of getting paid to create. Around 2000 I learned how to screen print and started a website to sell my tshirt designs and I tried very hard to make it work, but eventually gave up and went back to work for the man.

At some point, I think I let my creativity fade away. They say if you don't use it, you lose it, and I think that's what happened. It was just gone, and I was worried that it might be gone forever. Then a thing called etsy came into my life and everything came rushing back. My eyes were opened to a world that, with a lot of hard work, could make my dream a reality. Since then I've been taken over by a drive and determination that I didn't know I had inside of me. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I have goals for the first time, and the resources and passion to finally achieve them.

Sunday, July 25

fresh faves

a brand new treasury patiently awaiting your clicks and comments :)

Friday, July 23


Last week I had a date with my records and what is probably the last of my Polaroid film stash. Record art is so full of amazing visuals.. from the cover artwork to the text, and even the wear on the actual cover. I used my Polaroid Spectra close-up kit to take these, and I like how you only get a little part of the story. I'm thinking I need pick a few of these to frame and hang up!

stellar quilts

Anytime I want my mind freshly blown, I visit the Etsy shop Stellar Quilts. I honestly can't imagine anything handmade that tops these. What more do I need to say?  Here are some faves. Hit the shop for more!

Thursday, July 22

shop update!

I listed some fresh new items in my shop last night.. a few headbands and a pretty feather hair comb.

 take a look!

Monday, July 19

breaking records!

let me tell you about our trials and tribulations with record players in our household!

first, we scored this piece for cheap and i wanted it even if the record player didn't work, because it looked so awesome as a piece of furniture. turns out it didn't work, so bradley gutted it and hinged the front so we could use it for storage in the hallway.

the second player was also super cheap and awesome, so we got that one to use as compter desk for brad. turns out the player still worked.. well, it did until bradley decided to take things apart to store the computer and monitor inside the cabinet. it was a good storage solution, but the record player pretty much died in the process.

thirdly, he wanted to make something special for me for my birthday, so he took an old player out of a not so awesome case and totally rebuilt it into this beautiful wooden case. he spent a lot of time on it, and i fell in love.. but apparently something went wrong during the reassembly of it's innards, and it's pretty much no workie. oh, the sadness..

finally, to replace my gorgeous paper weight of a record player, we found one at an antique mall. tested it there to make sure it worked, and brought that baby home with the instructions that bradley can not touch it! for someone who is so good at making things work, he's surprisingly good at destroying things too. now i can actually listen to records, and that makes me one very happy girl!

plymouth rocks

I've always been an AMC car kind of girl.. the AMC, Javelin, Rambler, Pacer, Marlin.. all amazing cars. I used to be obsessed with Eagle wagons and finally owned one a few years back, and it was love, but she wasn't with me for very long. Rest in peace, Ogilvy. *tear*

Lately, I've been cheating on my AMC's by lusting over old Plymouth cars. Seriously, every Plymouth car until about 1978 is like the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Lets see if I can share some amazing vintage ads with you without drooling all over my keyboard.

Tuesday, July 13

cuteness face-off

the title of cutest quirky vintage planter is up for grabs. this challenge is between a bright green, wide-eyed squirrel vs. a weird cat-bear hybrid with creepy eyes that seem to follow you where ever you go!

which one has your vote?

both of these are up for sale in my shop, along with many more fresh vintage goodies. more to come tomorrow!

Sunday, July 11


out in our shady, back yard doggy habitat, we had created a small patio from a mixture of bricks from craigslist and some that brad dug out of the ground when we moved in years ago. recently a old building downtown was demolished, and brad made some calls to find out where they were taking all of the rubble. he salvaged a few truck loads of brick from the building, old iron stars, and a huge brick step, so the back patio got a little makeover! it now flows so nicely, and helps make the yard look a little more finished.

 i love when we get to put salvaged supplies to good use. it's a great way to save money, and give new life to a little bit of history. our iron fence was discarded in the woods next to my mom's house, and bradley dug it up and put it back together, and it tunrs out it's from our town's old court house, built in 1886. i'm such a nerd for local history, so i thought that was pretty awesome.

have you given new life to something old and forgotten? tell me about it!


back in the day, when my camera was used for more than etsy product photos, we loved to road trip around our area searching out old abandoned houses, dilapidated buildings and barns, and the occasional roadside oddity. i love all the detail and texture you can find in old places.. the peeling paint, the remnants left behind, and the mystery.

maybe it's because we're right in the middle of meth country, but wandering around back roads has gotten kind of scary. we've ended up in some pretty creepy places, and got the hell out pretty quickly. we haven't gone snooping around in a while, and i think i'm about ready for another adventure.

here are some of our tresspassing highlights:

if you want to see more, check out my flickr set!

Tuesday, July 6

treasure hunting

so, recently bradley started scouring ebay for a deal on a metal detector and i couldn't decide if it sounded like fun, or like the lamest hobby on earth. turns out, it's actually pretty fun. we've probably dug a hundred holes all over our yard, and my mom's yard so far. a lot of times the excitement of what we're about to dig up ends with an "eh, nail" or "just more foil" but the fun is in never knowing what you're about to dig up next.

we're kind of obsessed with the history of our home, so we were excited to dig around the yard hoping to find some old artifact that would connect us to the past. we haven't found anything amazing yet, our best score was an old straight razor, or pocket knife, and an old toy car. eventually i'd love to make a shadowbox out of our finds and add it to our house history wall. until then.. we're gonna keep on diggin.

Friday, July 2

wet hot american summer!

i caught part of wet hot american summer on logo the other night and i fell in love with it all over again. i felt compelled to create an awesomely 80's campy treasury to pay homage to the best movie ever... yes, ever.
sorry, it's not debatable. i don't make the rules :)
take a look and do some clicking!