Tuesday, August 31

this old house

The hunt for old photos or any information about our house is still going strong. I guess I can't say the hunt is going strong.. but my desire to hunt is. I had no idea how addictive it would be. I figured after scoring old photos from the family that lived here in the 40's and 50's that it would satisfy us for a while, but it really only made me want more. My mission is to go back even further in time.. the house was built around 1898 so we have a lot of time to cover! I want to find more photos from the O'Sullivan family, who lived here from 1904 to 1917 (see this post for some back story). We have only seen one, but there has to be more out there somewhere and i'm determined to find them.

Since I was in an old photo mood, I searched through old pictures on etsy for inspiration, and each one struck me so hard.. even though they aren't of our home, I felt the feeling I felt when we saw our old phots for the first time. They suck me in and I get lost in every detail. All of these are exactly what I hope we find one day.. little black and white portals into the past.

Sunday, August 29

7 things

The Beautiful Blogger Award was passed on to me from Meridith of Sheepish Knit Crochet (whose shop you need to check out, especially with fall approaching fast!) The instructions are to share 7 facts about myself, and pass it along to 7 fellow bloggers, so here we go!

1. I'm a Cancer, so I am all about being at home. I love home.

2. I always wear my socks inside out, because I think socks are designed all wrong and the seam should be on the outside of the sock. Come on people, this just makes sense!

3. I can't wear headphones or listen to music really loud because I get paranoid that I won't hear something important like a fire alarm, horns honking, or someone creeping up on me.. that sort of thing.

4. I feel like I'm one of the last people on the planet without a cell phone. lately, iphones have made it a lot harder to resist, but the last thing I need is a tiny little distraction machine! Plus, I think I'm meant to be that old lady one day who won't let go of the good old days.. reminiscing about taking pictures with film and knowing what your handwriting looks like.

5. I have been renting shitty movies to people for more than 10 years now.. and I am SO ready for a change! It has been a great job and it has fit my lazy lifestyle perfectly, but eventually I have to do something different.

6. Bradley and I got married on 6-6-06 because we thought it would be hilarious. It definitely made for an unforgetable anniverary date!

7. I hate capital letters. I've been trying hard to do it properly when I blog, but with every letter I capitalize, I throw up in my mouth a little.

I'm tagging seven of my favorite bloggers: andrea creates, crack the sky, crooked sister, knotted nest, talk2thetrees, so september, and ponder & stitch

Monday, August 23


I think this pretty much speaks for itself! Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

Sunday, August 22

16 reasons..

My evening has been ruined by an irritating headache, so I made a pretty fall inspired treasury instead of working on anything productive. I think I will retire to the couch now and let you all click the crap out of my treasury while I recover.

Friday, August 20

fresh goodies!

Okay, so my handmade break didn't last very long! My new found supplies made it pretty hard to focus on anything else.

Also, who else is loving the new wider shop pages on Etsy? I feel like I have way more items now that you can see so many on one page! It inspired me to try something a little different. Usually, I had things seperated by type.. the first few pages were handmade, vintage in the middle, and photos were last. I never really liked that, because if you didn't go 5 pages in, you might not even know I sell photos.. so I reorganized by color and I'm kind of digging it so far. It seems like a great way to mix everything together. Take a peek and let me know what you think!

Here are the newest items in the shop:

Wednesday, August 18

making making making

I had the day off today, so I spent the whole day making things! I even stitched up a pillow during our daily 5 o'clock coffee date on the porch so that I didn't waste any time. I did take a minute to snap a picture of this pretty little butterfly that was hanging out on the Hydrangea tree blooms! Overall, I'd say I kicked Wednesday's ass. How was yours?

Monday, August 16

Yardsale Motherload

I scored big at one little yardsale this weekend! It honestly looked like this lady went through her house and asked "Hmm... what would Jody like me to get rid of?" I started picking up bags of trim and lace and she said "oh, you like laces?" and then pulled this huge tub from under a table just full of more lace! I bought it all! Plus fabric, old dish towels, a plastic Gizmo doll, vintage swimming cap, a gorgeous little house on the prairie dress, a velvet deer, a bag of neckties.. all at just this one place!

Here are some of the supplies that have me itching to get to work:


This mug makes me wish I were musical so I could form a band for the sole reason to name it "The Hoedowners".

Friday, August 13

the teaches of peaches

I'm loving everything about this treasury right now! I guess it would be weird if I didn't since I picked these beauties myself. Go click crazy and help give these shops some much deserved exposure.

UPDATE: This treasury did make it to the front page on Sunday! Congrats to everyone and thanks for your clicks :)

Thursday, August 12

call the doctor

Had to take a second and share the amazing artwork by Hollie Chastain at     Dr. Kennedy Jones. I've have collages on the mind for a while, but it's been mostly thinking and not doing. This shop is either the best kick in the ass to get to work, or a perfect excuse to give up on the whole idea because.. well, just look at them! (see more work at her shop and blog.)

doe down!

During an unfortunate vacuum cleaning accident, one of my survellience does lost it's head! I was bummed for a second, and thought about gluing it back on, but I think having one of them decapitated only adds to their creepy, sparkley eyed appeal.. so maybe i'll leave it!

Wednesday, August 11

time to destash!

I'm going to take a tiny break from handmade things, and try to list the giant mountain of vintage stuff and supplies that is taking over my craft room! Once I move some things I'll be back in action :)

For now, check out some of the highlights from todays list-a-thon:

Tuesday, August 10

then and now

Rearranged Design.com shared a link on facebook, and I loved it so much that I had to post it! Young Me/Now Me is a blog showing people recreating photos from their childhood! My family and I did this a few years back with our favorite dysfunctional family photo, but I had no idea there was a place devoted to such pictures.

Here is ours. I'm on the end with my head down in an embarrassed please-let-this-be-over-soon kind of way: 

And here are some of my favorites from the blog. You must go see them all!

Wednesday, August 4

Handmade Portraits: Old School Tools

I hope you're already watching the wonderful videos you can find on etsy, especially the Handmade Portrait  series, but just incase you're not, I had to share this one. Gotta give my props to boys in shops :)

Monday, August 2

mirror, mirror

the mirror bradley made is now up for sale! check out the listing: