Tuesday, September 28

The Kedyro

Our local history collection just doubled, and now contains TWO items! First was the old newspapers I posted about already, and Brad recently scored an old yearbook from our town's highschool from 1915. There is one family from our home's past that has had us on the hunt for their old family photographs (see some back story here and here) and the timeline of this yearbook matched the time that they lived here, so we figured there was at least a tiny chance that maybe one of the 5 O'Sullivan kids would be in it. The only photo we have ever seen is this one with the four daughters holding a kitten. The Kedyro arrived and we quickly spotted William O'Sullivan Jr. in the Senior class! Not only that, but he was even on the yearbook staff! This doesn't bring us any closer to the goal of  finding old pictures of our home, but it keeps me excited about the search. It's amazing how small the world can seem, even after almost one hundred years have gone by.

From finding their obituaries, we knew the family was in a cemetery here in town, but we had never went to find them until today. It was the most beautiful day, so Brad and I grabbed some lunch and had a little cemetery picnic. After some searching, we found the O'Sullivan family headstone, along with the graves of the mother, father, and all four girls.

I'm hot on your trail, O'Sullivans! Oh if only I had one time travelling Delorian..

Shop Update!

Just finished a huge shop update! 14 new peices up right now, with more coming soon. Take a look!

Sunday, September 26

Sweater Weather!

You sure did show up fast, without any warning. I'm thrilled to be wearing my new favorite sweater for the first time, but I'm not in any hurry to upgrade to coat weather, so no rush.. okay?

cable-knit fingerless gloves by Homelab
argyle yarn wreath by ItzFitz
grey caplet by Silvia66
knitted pillow sham by PreciousKnits

Fall Fest!

It was such a gorgeous day for the Farmington Fall Festival yesterday! It was my second year to have a booth there, and I think I'm comfortable enough now to branch out of my little town and do some bigger events.. something where my goods fit in a little better with the crowd. Now I can get back to filling up my shop, which looks kind of like a ghost town at the moment!

Saturday, September 18

Package it Pretty

Sending out pretty packages makes me happy. This one has a huge wreath inside. I never send anything out without a handwritten thank you note.. I think it's really important, and people seem to appreciate it.

What do you think is most important when shipping out your goodies? Or if you're the reciever of the package, what stands out to you?

Monday, September 13

Farmington News

While randomly searching ebay for the name of my town, in the hopes that some awesome peice of local history might be listed, I found a listing for 8 old newspapers from 1906 to 1938. I still can't really believe the luck. Twenty bucks later, they were ours! We carefully combed over every page, learning what life was like. The ads are probably my favorite part. It's amazing that even in 1906, people were already trying to scare women into buying shit they don't need. The phone numbers were three digits long, and rent for a house would cost you 7 bucks a month!

Also inside is the original Facebook status updates! Pages and pages of what was going on around town, like "Mary Johnson had friends over for her birthday. Cake was served and everyone had a great time." or "The Mitchells went out of town for business this week." It amazes me how some things don't change.

mug monday!

It's still Monday, barely!

It's been a crazy week or two, but hopefully soon I'll be back to posting more often and getting some new stuff listed in my shop, I'm also getting ready for the Farmington Fall Festival on the 25th! I'll have a booth set up with all my goodies, so if you're local, come say hi!

Saturday, September 4

Yes Please!

I'm not normally pro-pink, but I instantly fell in love with everything about this dress. The little details make me so happy.. from the cutest sleeves complete with pearl buttons to the perfect scallop at the bottom.

See more of this dress here, and check out the other western beauties from Rockin 'B Clothing.

Friday, September 3

shop update!

Fall means it's almost brooch time! They just aren't as much fun in the summer when you don't have a cute sweater or big comfy scarf to pin them to. Here's a batch, freshly listed.  Hit the shop for details!

Wednesday, September 1

So yeah, sometimes the process involves a fabricsplosion and one well-hidden kitty.