Thursday, October 21

It's Pumpkin Time!

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is getting to carve pumpkins! We loaded up a pile of pumpkins from Sprottfest, and carved them with some friends in the back yard. The weather has been so perfect, and all of the trees are so beautiful right now.. I'd really like to stay right here in this season, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Now I must go finish getting the house ready for our costume party on Saturday! So excited! What are your plans for Halloween?

Sprottfest 2010

Saturday was the 2nd annual Sprottfest, which is like a local farm party meets little craft fair. There was a handful of craft vendors (me included!) and lots of antiques to scour through. I really like the atmosphere of Sprottfest, with dogs and donkies hanging around, and the smell of kettlecorn in the air. Their was a blacksmith in action, a local muscian, delicious baked goodies, and a horse drawn wagon taking people for rides. It was definitely a fun day, and I'll keep participating as long as they keep having it!

I tried a few new things with my booth set up this time. I made a headband display out of a large pvc pipe covered in fabric, mounted to an old peice of trim. It worked so well, and made it so easy to see all the headbands. I think the set up gets a little better with every fair, so next year I'll totally be a pro :)

Wednesday, October 13

new listings

I haven't made any new yarn wreaths in a long time, but something about this time of year puts me in a wreath making mood. here are two new ones:

I also just put up a bunch of new prints in the photography section, so check them out!

Sunday, October 10

Lemp Brewery Continued

In my previous post, I wrote about the shop called Junque inside one of the buildings in the Lemp Brewery Complex in Saint Louis, but we also got to explore some of the other old buildings and I feel like I made up for my lack of photo taking all summer in just one day. The guy who ran the salvage shop took us to this giant open space that just stunned us when we saw it.. I don't think I could use words to describe how amazing it was, so maybe the photos will do the job. If you want more, see the whole set on flickr.

We were already blown away, and then the guy asked if we wanted to see the basement. I couldn't even imagine what the basement of a place like this could possibly look like. He leads us down a creepy set of stairs into a cold, pitch black basement.. then he opens this huge door to let the light in and it illuminates these beautiful, giant colums and then we can really see the size of the place we were in. It was by far the coolest place I've ever got to explore.

Junque Shop

Today we hit Saint Louis to visit a salvage shop inside one of the buildings inside the old Lemp Brewery Complex. It's a 13 acre spread made up of 27 amazing, old, brick buildings.. one of them containing a place called Junque. It's what my dreams are made of.

Right from the start it was an overwhelming experience, each item fighting harder for your attention than the last. From old architectural details, doors, and wrought iron pieces to antique fixtures and jars of old hardware.. it was the collection of a lifetime and I've never wanted to leave with everything so badly.

It was ran by a very friendly couple who were so willing to show us around and open to letting us explore whatever we wanted, taking pictures of every step as we went along. It's been hard to not overload this post with photos, so I'm going to save one of the buildings for it's own post. Consider this part one!

Enjoy the photo tour, and if you live near STL and love old rusty salvaged finds.. put Junque on the top of your must visit list.



Friday, October 8

Fall Favorites

I made a new treasury inspired by cold fall mornings and hot oatmeal cookies! Clicks and comments are very appreciated.

Saturday, October 2

Furry Family

Earlier this week I had enjoyed a wonderful lazy day at home and spent some quality time with my furry children outside. We like to fetch tennis balls and hang out under the weeping willow tree. I'm forever taking pictures of them, so I figured I'd share and introduce you! Jeebus is the feline star of the show, and Frankenstein and Olive are my doggy girls.

Friday, October 1

Shop Props!

Today some shop props goes out to Lauren from Crooked Sister! I sent her one of my brooches in trade for a super cute hair clip and I had to show it off! Firstly, it came packaged with so much care and charm, which personally, I think is the first sign of a great seller. The clip itself is well-made and adorable and I want to wear it every day. I love that it's suede too, and not felt as you might expect.. it makes it extra soft and special.

I love all the variety Lauren offers in her shop. From brooches, necklaces and earrings, to embroidered greeting cards.. there's something for everyone! Here are some of my faves. Click to see the listings: