Friday, November 26

Sunday, November 21

Scrooge Gets Festive

I'm normally not much of a holiday person for some reason. I tend to just keep making what I normally make regardless of the season or approaching holidays, but these textile trees are definitely an exception! They almost get me in a christmassy mood... almost! They are so much fun to make, and I'm really loving the creamy white ones this year.

What goodies do you make around christmas time?

Monday, November 15

Hidden Treasures

Any time we start tearing into the house, a rush comes over us, excited about what finds might be hidding in the next wall, or under the next board. Brad has become very good at careful demolition, as to not destory any fragile secrets to the past that might hiding out. A perfect example of his careful hand is the first find of our master bathroom remodel. He slowly took down a part of the ceiling, and right there were newspapers from 1898!

I'm most excited about finding some beading that was underneath the 100 year old newspaper! I am going to assume it belonged to my O'Sullivan girls. I'm having a friend restring it into a bracelet for me!

You can't read much of the writing on this postcard, but you can make out one name: Margaret O'Sullivan! She is one of the daughters of the family that lived here from 1904-1917 that I'm kind of obsessed with.

Then we spent an afternoon up in the attic, pulling up boards that probably haven't been moved in a century, digging through insulation (which was probably a bad idea, in hindsight) and remains of mouse bedding, looking for any little treasure. It was a game of "one more board" that went on and on.

We found lots of pieces of wallpaper that have hung in the house over the years, and many newspapers crumbs. There was an awesome wax envelope that was postmarked 1907, an old doll leg, buttons, laces, children's school papers, and a neat piece of glass that I haven't quite figured out yet.

To be continued.. when we start digging again!

Demolition, Continued

My upstairs currently resembles tornado aftermath, but as I've learned.. it can't get pretty without getting really ugly first. Bradley has been gutting our master bedroom and bath, and getting things ready for the remodel. It seemed like the best plan was to knock them both out at once, but looking at the rooms in their current state has me a little overwhelmed.

 View from the bedroom into the bathroom

The house used to have a back staircase, which is apparently right under my toilet!

My cats have been very interested in the process, and are currently very dark shades of grey.

We spend lots of time carefully checking every crevice for any hidden artifacts.. anything that will teach us more about the history of our home. We found some cool stuff so far, but that deserves it's own post!

Sunday, November 14

Featured Shop: Leah Duncan

Have you ever stumbled upon a shop that's so perfecly you, and has been around for a while, that you can't figure out why you hadn't found it before? That's how I felt when I laid my eyes on the shop of Leah Duncan. She is an illustrator and designer based in Austin, TX and her shop includes fabrics, tea towels, prints, calanders.. and much more. I'll share some of my favorites, but make sure to spend some time in the shop and check out her blog, Freshly Chopped for more!

Friday, November 12

Fresh Finds

Time for some shop props! Take a second to visit all of the amazing shops I've included in my newest treasury! It was inspired by the beautiful afghan in the corner and our cozy 70 degrees mid-November weather. Oh, Missouri, you are so confusing sometimes.

Wednesday, November 10


I have a stockpile of things I want to share with you, and the list just keeps growing! I need to get myself re-motivated, but the time change sucks out my will to do anything and I'm still pouting about it. Hopefully I'll get used to it in a week or so and I'll be back on my game. For now I'd at least like to share some new stuff I finished last week. I found some great plaid fabric while thrifing and I'm loving it so much. So far Four brooches and a cuff, watch Peach Parlor for the listings coming soon!

Thursday, November 4

Introducing Peach Parlor!

                    I finally took the plunge and made a new shop! I've been talking myself out of it for about a year, so I figured I'd never be satisfied until I gave it a shot. Peach Parlor is now home to my handmade and vintage goods, and my photography will stay at The Little Prints. I'm so excited to get to work and have them both stocked full! I'd love it if you'd all favorite my new shop.

I had been brainstorming for the perfect name for months, and I knew once I had the right one, I would know it.. and that's what happened with Peach Parlor. I named it after the room I do my creating in. I feel freshly focused and ready to make!

Tuesday, November 2

Bedroom Renovation: Step One

It's that time again.. time to start tearing our house apart in preparation for a freshly remodeled master bedroom and bathroom! I can't tell you how excited I am about this project. It's only been on my mind since we moved here about 5 years ago. Now that it's time to start actually making design decisions, it's very overwhelming, but I'll save that for another post.

Step one is to gut the bedroom. Walls are gone, ceiling is gone.. the wood floor that was hiding underneath is the only thing that's staying put. That process looked like this:

Throughout any renovation project we're always careful to watch for any hidden treasures, and this time around Bradley found a bank deposit ticket from 1907, two records under the floor, some old Top Value trading stamps, a Sherwin-Williams paint tag, and one of the more exciting finds was a tag on the back of one of the rosette trim pieces. We've never been able to find out anything about who built the house, and I always want to know where the materials came from, and this helps a little bit. It reads "D.J. Doughty, Farmington" so we looked him up on an old census and it said he was a carpenter. Doesn't mean he built the house, but at least he ordered the trim, and that's something we didn't know before! 

The next step was to haul off a huge trailer full of the bedrooms innards, which was oh so glamorous! I'm happy that part is finished, and now we get to start the fun stuff. I'll keep you posted!