Friday, January 28

Crutching It

I survived my foot sugery and now I'm rocking my first ever cast! I guess everything went okay, and It's not to painful, and I'm actually kind of enjoying the challenge of getting around. I'm sure this will wear off soon and start to get annoying, but for now It's like a fun creative game of how to I get from here to there and take this pile of stuff with me. If carrying your phone tucked into your underwear's elastic is a crime, then consider me guilty.

I've been loving the Shop Makeover Series that has been going on at the Etsy blog the past few weeks. It's perfect timing for me, since I'm off work for a few weeks and looking to revamp my two shops. My to do list is growing fast, but that's the only thing that is going fast around here lately!

Tuesday, January 25


I know I gave up on Mug Monday's a while back, but I met the cutest little friend that had to be shared! Since I go under the knife on Wednesday, I have been hunting and stock piling treasures for the shop, giving my mother-in-law lessons on what to junk shop for. It was hard to explain what I was looking for, because you never know until you find it. I told her to look for things that made her instantly happy inside, and at some point the day she picks up this mug and says "like this?" and I say "exactly!"

Watch for the new stuff to be listed over the next few weeks, along with new handmade goodies, and a much needed update to my photography shop, The Little Prints. Off to bed now because it's barely even Monday anymore!

Saturday, January 22

The Short Version

Right before Christmas we found out that my dad was really sick, and he spent the next month in the hospital with my mom by his side. Life kind of went on hold for a little bit while we figured out what that meant for the future of our family. Lots of tears, lots of waiting, lots of bad news to accept. That was, until better news came that hopefully means we have a LOT more time than we expected. They got to come home yesterday finally, and I have never been so relieved.

So, I'm on the upswing of a crazy emotional roller coaster, and in four days I have surgery on my weird ankle and I'll be off my foot and out of work for around 8 weeks. And talk to me in a few days when I realize I have underestimated how much you need two working feet, but as of right now, I'm planning on focusing all my time on my family, and kicking my etsy shops ass into gear. I always say I could definitely make Etsy work if I had more time to put into it, so here is my chance to prove it. We'll see what happens. Hopefully you'll be seeing frequent blog posts and lots of new listings!

Now, I'm off to go over and spend some much needed quality time with my family. Here's hoping you're getting to enjoy yours too.