Thursday, March 31

Pin-Up Girls

Since I'm drowning in buttons at the moment, I decided to give some new life to a choice few. I picked out some complimentary buttons and my E-6000 glue and went to work. There are a few listings in the shop already, and many more coming soon!

Block Busted

These photos show you what my Blockbuster looks like right now. It's starting to resemble a yardsale more than an actual place of business, with every supply or random thing we can find thrown on to a table with a price tag. Seriously, everything must go.. and it's pretty much went. It is surreal watching everything disappear so fast every day. Cleaning out all the cabinets and throwing away everything that used to be part of normal daily life feels weird, but honestly it is something I've been dreaming about doing for years. The hardest part for me has been adjusting to chaos mode. My job has always been to keep things clean and organized and running smoothly, and that's so far gone at this point. The anal straightener in me is going nuts at the disarray, and it's hard to get my brain to understand that it's okay.

We're down to the last 10 days now. It's sad, or at least bittersweet to a lot of people, but for me it's mostly sweet, only because I've had a back up plan brewing for years now. Granted, it's the craziest change in my life probably ever, but I'm excited for it. I am feeling for everyone else though. So many people in stores across the country losing their jobs, and communities losing a place that they enjoy coming to. People have been seeing it as a sign of the times, like the bad economy is to blame, but the real blame is on the greedy, poorly run company in a dying industry who refused to look forward into the future and make changes accordingly.  I wish I could say I was surprised by any of this, but it's been a long time coming.

This place gave me countless new friendships, my husband, and a decade of free movie rentals, but I'm more than ready to lock up those doors for the last time and move on.

Thursday, March 24

Missouri Roadtrip

One beautiful day last week, I packed up my camera gear and my hubby and we hit the back roads. Through the dreary greyness of winter, I forget that my camera can do more than just take etsy shop photos, and as soon as the warm days hit.. I started to remember. Nothing had really started to bloom yet, but I found a field to play in, and that was enough to scratch my photo taking itch.

I love driving around rural Missouri, because you definitely never know what you'll see next. This huge hay bale pig and little caterpiller are the perfect examples. It was a great way to start out the spring photo season!

Tuesday, March 15

Bathroom Decision Overload

Bathroom planning has turned out to be much harder than I expected, and I already expected it to be pretty hard! We're in the stage where we start seeing some basic things come together, like the shower is taking shape, and there is drywall on the walls, but there are so many decisions yet to be made. I'll think I'll have it all down, and then one change in the plan will have a ripple effect through out the whole room. It's easy to pick out what you like. It's harder to make sure all of the things you like work well in a space together.

The hardest part is trying to plan around things that don't exist yet. We've been checking Craigslist and antique malls, looking for the perfect piece of furniture to turn into the vanity, and the problem is that you don't really know what someone is going to be selling at the right time (now) for the right price (cheap). Without a vanity, I can't choose sinks or a mirror, without a mirror I can't choose lights.. and on and on.  That's the trouble with scavenging for old things.. you never know what will find you.

About every other day I give up on the search and decide to have Bradley make a custom piece that will encompass all of my vanity hopes and dreams, but really that just adds so many more choices. What kind of wood do we use? Are there drawers? Handles? What do the feet look like? Vessel sink or under mount?
The last thing I need are more choices and decisions to make!

At this moment, I'm hoping the perfect rustic and worn old workbench magically falls into my lap somehow. If that could happen, then it's green light GO!

Until then, I might as well share some of the vanity inspiration I've been hoarding away.

Sunday, March 13

Happy Daylight Savings!

I'm not big into holidays, but today is a day that I like to celebrate like one! It finally marks the beginning of the end of cold, brown days. No more getting dark at 5:00! Some people complain about losing that one hour of sleep, but I'd give up sleep for a week if I had to.. anything for more sunshine, green grass and trees sprouting little leaves.

Yesterday I spent the day outside enjoying the weather with some of my favorite people. We flew kites at the park, had a junk food picnic, and tried to make giant bubbles with little success.

In Peach Parlor news: I just listed four new spring inspired headbands! See my shop for details.

Wednesday, March 9

Notes to Self

I didn't quit my day job, but my day job is quitting me. In one month, the doors to the Blockbuster store that I've worked at forever will be closed for good, and I will become self-employed! My plan is to use my Etsy shops as my main source of income, along with selling my photography and crafts at some places around town, and doing any craft show I can find. I have confidence that I can make it work, but it's going to take a lot of self discipline, and a total change in routine. For so long I've thought "Oh, if I had the chance.. I'd start taking this and this more seriously, and start doing that better" but now the time is actually here! No more talking, time to start doing.

With that said, I felt the need to make a list of things for future self-employed me to remember from what I've learned so far.

Print by Vol25
1. No more sleeping as late as you want. We have work to do. End of discussion!

2. Get dressed like you might actually see another person. After 12 years in khaki pants and a polo shirt, revel in the fact that you can work in regular clothes! This doesn't mean you can't ever take advantage of being able to work in your pj's, but lets not make a habit of it, okay?

3. Never underestimate how much better you feel when you're clean and freshly showered. You'd never go to regular work unclean, with unbrushed teeth and messy hair. This is basic hygiene, and I'm embarrassed that we even have to go over this one.

4. Make time for friends and family, especially since you wont have coworkers to talk to anymore. Through the week you can hold as many conversations with your cats as you want, but come the weekend.. some social interaction is required.

5. At regular work, your workspace is always annoyingly clean and organized, so why does this not apply at home? This must improve immediately!

6. Times are gonna be tighter now, so cut down on the $4 lattes, okay? I know it will be hard, but it must be done.

7. To do lists and schedules are your friend. You wont be able to do it without them.


Friday, March 4

My Reclaimed Treasure

A while back, while starting the demoltion of our bathroom, my husband found these old beads under a pile of crumbling, 100 year old newspapers. I can only assume that it was once a necklace that belonged to one of my O'Sullivan girls. To read more about my obsession with the O'Sullivan family, check out this post. And here you can see what else we found!

My friend Jena is a jewelery maker and fellow Missourian, and she runs the Etsy shop Copper Hollow, and she cleaned my beads up and restrung them into two bracelets for me! I love how pretty and simple they turned out. Wearing my house's history on my arm is a very tangible connection to the past. One day I will find a photo of one of the O'Sullivan wearing these very beads! I wonder what they would have thought if you had told them in 1910 that 100 years from then there would be this girl living in their house, looking for photos, obsessed with finding out more about them. It would be a little creepy, but hopefully they'd appreciate that someone still cares enough to keep their history alive.