Monday, August 29

Get to Know a Crafter: Meet Meredith!

Meredith makes adorable wrist warmers, cozy cable knit scarves, the cutest little bows and teacup pin cushions, and more. I want to hang out, listen to records with her take some knitting lessons!  I love reading her blog, especially her Blogging for Confidence series, where she pushes her shy self to take on challenges she normally might avoid.  So inspiring! Read on to learn more about this sheepish girl.

Name: Meredith Crawford
Location: Dallas, TX
Etsy shop: Sheepish Knitting & Crochet
Blog: One Sheepish Girl

Tell us a little about your blog and what you make:
Hi Jody! Thank you so much for having me here!

My blog is where I share my creations, inspirations, and my attempts at staying sane during my last year of college. I create knit and crochet accessories for my shop on Etsy. I never expected blogging and Etsy to become such a big part of my life, but I couldn't be happier about it!

What is your most used tool?
Knitting needles! I always have a pair clicking in my hands or stuffed in my bag. A crochet hook is definitely a close second!

What is your favorite part of the crafty process?
Holding the finished product in my hand. Sometimes I can't believe it when a simple idea I jotted down on the corner of my notebook turns into one of my creations. It's so rewarding!

Name a skill you'd like to get better at:
I'd like to get better at color work knitting, like intarsia. It is pretty tricky and there are lots of yarn ends to keep up with. A few months ago I got really excited about the Royal Wedding, I started a Union Jack Teacosy to practice my intarsia skills. It was pretty hard and took me a few months, but I definitely feel a bit more confident doing color work. I can't wait to incorporate intarsia into an accessory for the shop!

Describe your ideal workspace:
A cozy little cottage, big enough for all of my yarn, tools, and stacks of books. A little cottage on the English countryside sounds pretty perfect right now.

What is a project you want to tackle, but haven't taken the plunge yet?
A big, fancy blog re-design. I'm kind of an HTML I think I'll keep putting that one off for a bit.

What's the most important thing to you in the room that you're in right now?
My parents. I'm home for the weekend and they are the greatest ever. They have been extremely supportive during my first year adventures on Etsy! :)

One odd fact about yourself:
There was a time in my life when I had braces and wore an eyepatch. At the same time. Yikes!

You are happiest when:
I'm able to fully focus on my knitting and blogging. Things get stressful during the semester, so it's wonderful when I can give the passions I love my full attention.

3 blogs we shouldn't be missing:
Art Equals Happy -You really should check out Kim's blog. She is such a sweet, incredibly talented blogger and knitter. Her writing is lovely and her pictures are filled with warmth.

Sunshine and Carousels - Erin's blog is simply beautiful! It is filled with colorful creations and scrumptious recipes. I am always inspired when I stop by her blog.

The Dainty Squid - Kaylah is probably the coolest person ever. With her cotton candy blue hair and vintage threads, she never disappoints when she blogs about her adorable cats, mushroom hunting, and thrifty finds.

Saturday, August 27

Tied Up

I busted into my necktie stash recently, and this is what happened.. 7 new headbands and a brooch. Gotta admit that the tie projects usually turn out to be some of my favorites. See something you like? Hit The Parlor to see the listings.

Now, back to work!

Monday, August 22

Bathroom Update!

There have been two major additions to the bathroom project that I'm pretty excited to share with you! First, the buffet to vanity transformation has been completed! I had been searching Craigslist endlessly for a furniture piece that was: close enough, cheap enough, and the right size. This buffet met the first two requirements, but was too long and too tall, but after a little Bradley magic, it's now fits perfectly. We scored discontinued sinks from Lowe's for $20 (which I still can't believe!) and now I am the happiest hand washer in all the land.

The mirror, which has been hanging there since the 70's, got a fresh paint job. The lights are from Lowe's allen + roth collection, which have some really gorgeous lighting options!

The old ice box was also a Craigslist find. We needed something for storage, and this baby had all the right moves. Brad refinished the hardware, added an adjustable shelf, and made two pull-out drawers in the bottom. Now it's home to our freshly purchased grey towels. Brad said he thinks that when you go and buy your own matching towels and toss the hand-me-downs you've had for the last 10 years, that's when you officially become an adult... so, that's where we are. Finally, adults at 30.

Oh, and please ignore my sheets as curtains, and lack of window trim. We still have lots to do!

After a post like this, where everything is starting to look so shiny and new, I like to remember that it wasn't very long ago that things looked like this:

So, if you're in the middle of a project that you feel like will never end, I promise there is an end eventually! Hang in there!

Mug Monday!

Today's mugs are not from my personal collection (yet!) but I had to share these brilliant designs! Both are handcrafted ceramic works of art by etsy sellers, and both meet my needs deliciously.
I am very guilty of leaving tea bags laying around, and I'll admit that there is one in front of me on the desk right now, but this ingenious mug solves that problem. The second mug HOLDS COOKIES! What more do I have to say?!

Tea Drinker's Sidekick by Angela Ingram

Red Dunk mug by A Piece by Denise

Friday, August 19

Headbands Galore!

I just listed 14 brand-spanking new headbands in the shop! It feels so good to be making things again. It's easy to get stuck working on other things (um, like getting to my 300th vintage button listing!) and sometimes I worry that I might forget how to get started creating again. All I have to do is chain myself to my craft chair, plug in my glue gun, and wait for things to start flowing.

Thursday, August 11

Get to Know a Crafter: Meet Rachael!

I first found Rachel and her shop in the good old days of Etsy chat (rip) and I've been a fan ever since. She has so many talents, and I'm always amazed at how much work she seems to get done. Between her paintings, crocheted hats (and puppy hats!) and new line of jewlery, there's never a dull moment. The same goes for Rachel's blog. It's full of gorgeous photography, and pieces of her life that really make you feel like you know her. I love her tutorials, especially this one where she shows you how to make a super cute dress on the cheap! It also doesn't hurt things that she's crazy adorable :) I'll let her tell you the rest!

Name: Rachael (Tree Talker) Caringella
Location: Provo Utah
Etsy shop:,

Tell us a little about your blog and what you make:
My blog is a place where I share my inspirations, silly stories, sad stories, beautiful photos and silly photos. It's a random jumble of photos and words.. but I sure like it. I make a lot of things! I love to paint, knit, crochet, sew, take photos, draw, and woodburn. I try to do just about everything I can!
I make hats, scarves, and jewelry for and I sell paintings and prints at

What is your most used tool?Probably my crochet hooks and my paint brushes. I try to keep a good balance. I get a little sad when I go too long without painting, and the same when I go too long without knitting or crocheting.

What is your favorite part of the crafty process?I am really not sure! I love the whole process…But I would have to say the "almost" end.. just when I'm ABOUT to finish.. and I can tell I like it. It's a real good feeling.

Name a skill you'd like to get better at:I would love to get better at painting. There is always something in a painting I wish I could improve upon. I never took any painting classes, so I'm learning things as I go.

Describe your ideal workspace:Clean, with lots of coffee and chocolate on hand. I am a pretty messy person, but every time I'm about to create I have to clean up the whole house so that I can concentrate properly.

What is a project you want to tackle, but haven't taken the plunge yet?I want to knit a blanket. That would take lots and lots of hours, which I just don't have.

What's the most important thing to you in the room that you're in right now?I'm not really sure. I try not to put too much importance on "things." I think the most important thing to me in this room is my boyfriend, and my puppies. I know those aren't really things.. I guess the most important thing to me would be my sketchbooks. They hold a lot of secrets, memories, thoughts and designs. I would hate to loose that.

One odd fact about yourself:I talked to trees when I was little!

You are happiest when:I'm outside playing barefoot in nature!

3 blogs we shouldn't be missing:

Wednesday, August 10

The Greatest Show on Earth

Brad came in from the porch a few nights ago, after seeing the lightening show we were getting, and came inside to get me. I went to the porch swing to watch the storm with him, and after about 30 seconds of seeing how the sky was lighting up, I demanded that we road trip to find a good spot to take pictures. I grab the camera bag and we headed out until we found a great place with a wide open view, off the road a little. We parked, layed outside the car, and took turns clicking the shutter, hoping for a bright burst every time. Something about the challenge of getting the perfect lightening storm photo is so addictive to me. I could have stayed there until the last of the storm blew through. There is always a lot of "okay, three more tries..".

In the moment, it seemed silly to be inside watching TV or spending money to see a movie, when was such a stunning show was happening right over our heads, for free. So, Thanks for the entertainment, Earth. I never get tired of it.

267 clicks later, this is what we came home with.

Thursday, August 4

Bed and Bath Remodel: Floor Edition!

Some major progress has been made in the bedroom/bathroom remodeling project, especially in the flooring department! We knew we wanted to try to salvage the original wood floors, in part because of the ties to the history of the house, and also it's a great way to save a crap load of money if you refinish them yourself. You never know what's hiding underneath that hidious carpet and layers of subflooring. Put in enough sweat and it just may be the floor of your dreams!

Bedroom before we moved in

The floors in both rooms were taken up board by board and
Brad leveled out the joists, taking out all the squeaks.


We added insulation, and scraped off 100
years of dirt off the tongues and grooves.


Put the floor back down in both rooms
and sanded off the old brown stain.

Bedroom mid-sanding


I got to beat up the floor with chains and rub charcoal in
the marks to help some new boards blend in.
Thought about staining dark, but we loved
the way it looked after sanding, so it just
got polyurethane instead

Somewhere in the process of 4 coats of poly



My favorite part of the floors now is every knick and scratch. It all tells a part of our home's story, and I could get lost in it, wondering what caused this weird mark, or that patch of wear. It's a great sign of a well worn and loved house.

Check back soon for an update on how the bathroom is coming along. White subway tile galore!