Monday, September 26

Mug Monday!

Pretty sure this might be the cutest mug in all of mug history!

I picked this one today in celebration of the Fall Festival I had a booth in this weekend. It was my third time participating, and it's always my favorite craft fair because of the beautiful fall weather, and the fact that it takes place a few blocks away from my house doesn't hurt. I've done well before, but this time it was better than ever! I shared the booth with two old friends, and we stayed busy all day.. busy enough that I didn't even get a chance to take one single picture! I want to give a gigantic thanks to all the local people who stopped by the booth to say hi, shop, and show their support. It means so much to me.

Wednesday, September 21


I was trying to think of a theme for a new treasury, but my thoughts are completely with my dad right now, who is stuck in the hospital recovering from his bone marrow transplant. I figured I might as well make one about what's on my mind. I'm so grateful for all the nurses and doctors who are taking great care of him. I'm a positive thinker, and hopeful that things are on the up and up, and he'll get to finish recovering from home soon. Props to all the other families out there, holding it together through a trying time <3

Friday, September 9

Shipping Sale!

This rare in the world of Peach Parlor, but I'm feeling a little fiestly, so how about a sale! I'm offering free worldwide shipping on all of my buttons, photography, and collage prints. This weekend only! No limits. No exceptions. Sale ends on Sunday, Sept 11th at midnight, so pounce before it's over!

Thursday, September 1

Amy Bengston

I wanted to take a second to give some shop props to Amy Bengtson and her gorgous necklaces! I fell in love immediately. She works with wood, and many of her pieces have these amazing touches of repurposed leather. If you're not into the Chevron design, there is more variety in her Etsy shop, but these are the ones that get me drooling!

Click the photos to see the listings.