Thursday, October 13

Superpowers Activate!

We aren't usually party kind of people, but Halloween is the one time of year that we pretend that we are. Yeah, so I'm 30.. I still like to play dress up and act a fool with my favorite people! We throw a themed costume party every year, and this year's theme is SUPERHEROES! I'm still working out the details of my (super secret) costume, and I'm excited to see what this theme will bring. Do you throw parties, or dress up for Halloween? What themes have been a success? And has a theme ever totally bombed?

In the past we've had an 80's Prom:


And most recently, a Fetish theme, which I thought might scare guests away, but instead it was the best turn out so far!

Since I have super powers on the brain, today I made a treasury full of my favorite super goodies! Click to see the treasury in action. Check back after the 22nd to see what costumes we came up with :)

Thursday, October 6

Bedroom Update!

It's time for an update on the ongoing bedroom remodel! Things are finally starting to get furnished, and we've been sleeping in the new room for a few weeks now, which feels like a giant accomplishment. Still much to do, like doors and trim and I have to find stuff for these bare walls, but overall it's come so far from where we started!

We scored a giant, comfy bed (thanks Craigslist), and I finally decided on some hanging bedside lights (thanks Ebay). The lights got a paint job, and we switched out the old school hanging chain for the sleeker look of the metal rod.

The focal point of the room is the gorgeous old window that is being used as our headboard (thanks antique dealing in-laws). The window was once a part of the school across the street from our house. They replaced them a few years back, and sold the old ones, and this one eventually trickled it's way down to us. I love that it ended up almost right back where it started.

The other new features are the night stands that Bradley made. The metal bases were old tool stands, that got a little tweaking, and he made the wood end grain tops, which turned out beautifully!

As always, mad props to my husband, because without all of his know-how and hard work, all of our ideas would never become reality.