Thursday, October 13

Superpowers Activate!

We aren't usually party kind of people, but Halloween is the one time of year that we pretend that we are. Yeah, so I'm 30.. I still like to play dress up and act a fool with my favorite people! We throw a themed costume party every year, and this year's theme is SUPERHEROES! I'm still working out the details of my (super secret) costume, and I'm excited to see what this theme will bring. Do you throw parties, or dress up for Halloween? What themes have been a success? And has a theme ever totally bombed?

In the past we've had an 80's Prom:


And most recently, a Fetish theme, which I thought might scare guests away, but instead it was the best turn out so far!

Since I have super powers on the brain, today I made a treasury full of my favorite super goodies! Click to see the treasury in action. Check back after the 22nd to see what costumes we came up with :)


  1. you're parties look awesome! kind of wish i could attend!! have fun ^_^

  2. looks like fun! we've done costume parties in the past-even for the oscars :)

  3. um, you kind of make a hot pony. :)

  4. thanks, tony :) I had a lot of fun making it, and even more fun wearing it!

  5. Very funny post! Love your costumes! I've never held a costume theme party, been to a few fun ones though!


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