Friday, November 4

Welcoming Ophelia

My beloved town is a little on the small side, and I can't say there are many great places to shop, especially if you're looking for something unique. As far as clothes and accessories go, you get a handful of chain stores, and that's it. Although we feel like a real grown up town since we finally have a coffee shop, and have recently added a music venue to the line up, something that has been missing is a clothing boutique to offer up something different. Ophelia opened a little over a month ago and is filling that void perfectly! Stephanie Mason is the fashionista responsible for this new store, located on the most charming block in town. It's full of gorgeous clothing, scarves, jewelry, perfume, candles, and as of recently, she now carries some handmade pieces by yours truly! I get a lot of pride when I see local shops like this flourishing in my town and I wish Ophelia so much continued success.

Ophelia is located at 3 North Jefferson Street
Farmington, Missouri