Sunday, January 29

Back in Action

My last post was about welcoming a new shop called Ophelia to my town, and since then Peach Parlor has changed a lot. My Etsy shop used to be mostly my handmade goodies, but now I take all of my wears to sell in the store locally, which I really love. I'm excited for the chance of running into someone wearing something I made! I would probably hug them, and they would think I was a crazy person.

So, where does this leave Peach Parlor in the online world? Now it's mostly a vintage button heaven. I'm still falling in love with every old button I see, and spreading my button love all over the world. I'm loving my life, and my job.. in all it's incarnations. I've moved past the uncertainty of not having a "real job" and I'm fully embracing the road I'm on. This doesn't mean I'm not still dealing with issues that come from working from home, like time management and how to deal with distractions, but I'm working it out. I have missed blogging. I guess I've been trying to do more, instead of just talking about doing more, and I needed a blog break, but I'm back in action now.

Here is what my life has looked like since I've posted last. Lots of crafts, love, birds and cats. All the important things.


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