Thursday, August 2

Leather Belt Round-Up!

So, since I've become addicted to going to auctions, I spend a lot of my time with a small group of good old Missouri farm folk over the age of 60. Some tough old birds. They are teaching me a lot. Well, they aren't meaning to teach me, but I am learning. I obviously don't fit in very well with the crowd and most of them don't know me by name yet, so I thought maybe a sweet leather belt tooled with a name was fitting auction gear, and maybe I'd develop a sweet nickname. I hit etsy and fell in love with the perfect belt on page 1, and with a cheap price, it took about a second to convince me to buy it. It fit perfectly with my mostly shaved haircut, plus it had fish, deer AND it was bedazzled with bullet shells! What more could a girl ask for?!

Cut to a few days later as my smiles turned to pouts when I tried it on, and it was nowhere close to fitting. I guess I got a little too excited, and forgot to measure. Oops. It fits my skinny ass husband, so at least someone gets to wear it. TEAR!

While on my continued search for the perfect belt, I found a few gems that I have to pass on. If you fall in love with one, buy it.. but measure first!

This one takes the cake for the longest and most random string of words on a belt. It reads
"Dwarf AKA Whitney + = LineCrossage" WHAT??
"Poodle" from RetroSpecial
"Puddin" from ReclaimedPerspective
"Zandra" from gumbygirl
Or how about "Jedi mind fuck" from MavricksRenoLeather
"Vern" from Funkomavintage
I found so many, I really could go on all day.. but I'll leave you with this batch to drool over for now!

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  1. I kind of love "puddin" its pretty cute. I'm still scratching my head over the first one haha.


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